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By thebpman
I don't want to cause any unnecessary anxiety, the media is doing a pretty good job of that already.
Can someone definitely eliminate this covid 19 virus as the first admonition? From what I've read, it seems that Mirjana will reveal one of the first three admonitions, not necessarily the first admonition.
This a world wide event that is causing a lot of disruption, suffering and death and doesn't look like stopping until we've all had it. I'm not afraid and nobody else needs to be either. Can this be eliminated as one of the secrets?
By thebpman
I don't know how the rest of the world is fairing, but, our home state in Australia is going nuts.
Our premier, the head of the state parliament made a mistake and told the press that everybody should buy 14 days of food. He was supposed to say 4 days of food.
The supermarket is now almost empty. There's no meat, no pasta, no sugar or flour, no baby products, they haven't had a bread delivery for three days because the biggest cities get it first, no eggs, no frozen veggies or frozen products. It started with toilet paper last week.
I've got nothing to send my kids to school with for lunch tomorrow. It is an insane public response. Please God help us when some people actually start to get sick. We've only got a couple of hundred cases in the whole of Australia and people are acting like the zombie apocalypse is apon us.
By thebpman
Chere- Gospa is that a feeling or are are you sure? It's Marjanas birthday soon, so I guess we'll find out. Our Lady said not to be afraid in the last message. Do you think she was referring to this? ( Sorry for misspelling your name, stupid auto text)
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By thebpman
I am sorry. I haven't had a television for two weeks. I had no idea how bad it is in Europe. I think i should stop complaining. It isn't bad here yet. Sorry if I've offended anybody
By AnotherMe
I stopped following Medjugorje a while ago. But given that I learned Mirjana will no longer be receiving visitations on the second of every month today, along with the fact that all the Catholic Churches have closed world wide, (including for Good Friday and Easter Sunday), because of this Pandemic called the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I believe it's time for me to start paying attention to these alleged apparitions.
My mums Rosary.

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