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10 Saturday and 11 Sunday October into "Lario Fiere" Erba(Como) Italy
Prayer meeting with the visionaries of Medjugorje

This is example of meeting 8 Marzo 2009:


all invited, free admission and free parking, ample parking for buses and cars
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By TimHaley
How I wish I could be there! My wife and I went to Como, Italy on our honeymoon in 1988 and it was beautiful! What a beautiful setting for a Marian conference and festival.
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By mamamary
me too, tim! no place on earth quite like Como!!

DarkTy, do you live near lake como?
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By TimHaley
Just checked round-trip prices from Knoxville to Rome and they are actually not bad. We may actually try to make a trip there for the festival. DarkTy, check your Inbox as I sent you a PM.

God Bless ...

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By DarkTy
X TimHaley, MammaMary,
Tank you

X MammaMary
I'm Italian... I know Como , Lecco , Milano, Monza. I can't answer with details, sorry.

X TimHaley
I had response your PM

X All
I know that Mirjana and Father Petar Ljubicic
13 October at 15:00
will be in Churce S.Pietro and Paolo in locality:
Gravina in Puglia,
way Longo Luigi, Bari (Italy)
for a day of prayer.
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By OnASpiritualJourney2
Wow! Mirjana and Fr. Petar together - awesome!!! :D And on the anniversary of Fatima. Tim if you have the chance to go to Italy - I'd make it then! :D What an awesome day of prayer that will be. I will join them in prayer from here.
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By mamamary
some of my relatives have a bed and breakfast in bari, tim. i could send you the info via PM if you'd like!

[*]Very inciteful. :lol:

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