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NancyD wrote:Is it possible to Translate this in English?
I would love to read this story.
I'm nobody, to translate and extraction of texts I think is good contact directly concerned.

Caterina, MIRACULOUSLY awoke from a coma!
http://www.antoniosocci.com/libri/cater ... -tempesta/

Italy has experienced these two realities of two girls in a coma:
1) Eluana with an atheist father and political death sentence with the support of "powerful" autorietà policies that have promoted the death of "their" citizens.
2) with Catherine's father and a practicing believer that through faith and prayer and support of a humble servant of the Lord who gives life and the opportunity to continue on earth to sing and praise God her Creator.
Today I send a special prayer for this case.
That the fire of the Holy Spirit may devour the chains that holds people like this young lady in coma.
That the fire of the Holy Spirit may have mercy on the places it needs to pass.

Sounds like: Brace yourselves.

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