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By athenacp
Wow, I just found these feasts for September!!!


1. Collection of the Feasts of Our Lady (at Louvain, Belgium)
1. Our Lady del Puche (Valencia, Spain)
1. Our Lady of Remedios (near Mexico City)
1. Our Lady of Solitude (Mexico City)
1. Our Lady of the Girdle (Tortoso, Spain)
2. Our Lady of Helbron or Nettles (Franconia, Germania)
3. Mother of the Divine Shepherd
4. Our Lady of Haut (in Hainaut, France) commemorates a miracle of Our Lady
5. Our Lady of the Woods (near Arras, France)
5. Our Lady of Smolensk (Russia)
6. Our Lady of Guadalupe (Spain)
6. Our Lady of the Fountain (near Valenciennes, France)
7. Our Lady of Zyrowice (Poland)
7. Our Lady of Consolata (Turin, Italy)
8. Nativity of Our Lady
8. Madonna Del Tindari - Sicily
8. Our Lady of Aparecida, Patroness of Brazil
9. Our Lady of the Puy (in Velay, France)
10. Our Lady of Tru (near Cologne)
11. Our Lady of Hildesheim (in Duchy of Brunswick, Germany)
12. Most Holy Name of Mary
12. Our Lady of Healing (lower Normandy)
13. Maria Zell (Austria)
13. Another feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe (in Spain)
14. Our Lady of Fontevrault (France)
15. Our Lady of Sorrows
15. Our Lady de las Augustias (Grenada, Spain)
15. Our Lady of Aranzazir (Grenada, Spain)
16. Our Lady of Good News (Orleans, France)
16. Our Lady of the Rocks (diocese of Pasto, South America)
16. Our Lady of Help (Socorro: Columbia, South America)
17. Placing the image of Our Lady of le Puy in Velay, France, given by St. Louis IX
18. Our Lady of Smelcem (in Flanders)
19. Our Lady of La Salette (France)
19. Our Lady of Healing (near Mt. Leon in Gascogny)
20. Our Lady of Silver-Foot (at Toul, Lorraine)
21. Our Lady of Pucha (Valencia)
22. Our Lady received the name Mary by St. Ann through an angel
23. Our Lady of Valvancre (Spain)
24. Our Lady of Mercy
24. Our Lady of Roc-Amadour (diocese of Cahors: Quercy, France)
25. Our Lady of Passer (at Rhodes)
26. Our Lady of Victory (at Tournay, France)
27. Our Lady-of Happy Meeting (near Adge)
28. Our Lady of Cambron
29. Our Lady of Torgres (diocese of Cambrai, France)
30. Our Lady of Beaumont (in Lorraine at Domremy)

(generally occurring in September)

Thursday after the Nativity of Mary The Amiable Mother of Starkenburg (Missouri, U.S.)

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