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By arthur navarro
September 17, 2010

Re: New Medjugorje Website// Message of FATIMA

Just a quick note to let you know we continue to be inspired by the work you are doing to promote Our Lady's messages worldwide. In fact, it was the MEDJUGORJE FORUM that was the tipping point for building a website to promote the Message of FATIMA. And, provide pilgrims with insightful empirical research on Medjugorje.

That being said, our site is dedicated to raising awareness about the message of FATIMA and background information on Medjugorje. It is non-competitive and does not seek any source funding.


Hopefully, you will help us promote the message of FATIMA through your global network. The message is simple
and to the point. More importantly, ''timely'' given the three (3) seers/visionaries from Medjugorje are one (1) secret
away from closure.



Sounds like: Brace yourselves.

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