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DIRECT STREAM Festival "From Medjugorje to PalaDesio" 17-18 Mar 2012

IN DIRECT STREAM 17-18 March 2012
(Event in Italy) - Festival "From Medjugorje to PalaDesio" 12-13 March 2012 Desio(Mi) (near to Monza and Milano)
Now there are the Mess, and then Marja will tell about the apparition of today.

Program: http://www.medjugorjecomo.org/wp-conten ... ornato.pdf
How to come: http://www.medjugorjecomo.org/wp-conten ... -Desio.pdf
Source: http://www.medjugorjecomo.org/

Direct stream (1): http://www.primopianoitalia.tv/diretta/
Direct stream (2): http://www.ustream.tv/channel/medjugorjecomo-org
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