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By St Anthony helps
Hi everyone. I've been here for a while as well as having visited Medjugorje several times.. At the minute i am going through something in my life which could destroy my whole life, i could lose everything especially the girl i have loved for the past 10years.. i love our Blessed Mother so much.. could i ask everyone here to pray for me, please pray for me my life is in turmoil and i need a miracle.. i pray to Our Lady, St Pio and St Anthony.. please help me
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By irish m
I will keep you in my prayers but never give up our lady will answer you
God Bless you
Love irish M
By St Anthony helps
Thankyou so much.. means the world to me. I need all the prayer in the world.. my life is falling apart here, i would welcome any cross other than losing my sweetheart
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By Maryh
I'll be praying for you too,
& remember God's promises that he'll always be with you as you go through those deep waters. No matter what happens, he can
strengthen us and give us peace.
Dear St Anthony Helps,

Just remember, as ALL BVM lovers know. The Blessed Mother would NEVER let the right one get away! Pray for God's will in your life.

Love in Christ

By comfortablesocks
I will pray for you too, St. Anthony helps!!

Hail Mary...
St. Joseph pray for them
Holy Infant Jesus bless and protect them

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By Angelica
Praying the rosary as we speak and I just came across your request. Miracles happen even with one rosary.
Please update us.

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