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There has been a lot of positive coverage on Medjugorje these past couple of weeks, especially connected with the upcoming Youth Festival and visitation by Vatican dignitaries, so I can’t help wondering if today’s story about Mirjana has been deliberately timed to turn the spotlight from the good news and an attempt to embarrass.

A press conference is due to be held on Thursday morning in Medjugorje. It will be interesting to see what questions the media will ask, and if the focus will be entirely about the Youth Festival. Who knows, the press conference may even be an opportunity to announce more good news on the Medjugorje front.
From the translated articles, do you know for certain that she owns this beach front property? In one of the articles it says that "Until today, the Board of Tourism has not received any application for the Blaće bay, Sucuraj municipality, island Hvar, either through the web form or directly by e-mail or mail - they say." ... KHy3VwAXVQ Why are you spreading a rumor?
According to one news source, the property is registered in Mirjana and her husband’s name but is rented out to tourists through a letting agency. And it’s not a rumour. Documentary evidence of ownership was produced by the source.

Here’s the link: ... 05176.aspx

But why shouldn’t they be able to produce an income for themselves and their family in this way? Most of the Medjugorje locals do the same for their families by providing accommodation facilities.
I’m not trying to catch anyone in any situation, and neither is it cool on your part to even suggest I am.

As you rightly say, the Mirjana and Marko Soldo may not be the same Mirjana and Marko associated with Medjugorje.

24sata reports a telephone conversation she is supposed to have had and said “It’s not true” (the original report, I presume). But did she actually speak to 24sata over the phone, and even if she did, is the media outlet quoting the conversation correctly? We don’t know. We choose want we want to believe or disbelieve.

As I’ve already said, I don’t see a problem about any of the visionaries renting out property or accommodation. The other part of the story, the concreting of the beach, that’s a different matter as far as I can see. As yet, no-one seems to know who was responsible for doing this.
an excerpt from My Heart will Triumph
pg. 77
News about the apparitions spread all over Yugoslavia through television, radio and newspaper.. The one commonality in all the reporting was skepticism, if not outright condemnation. Journalists ridiculed us and referred to the thousands of pilgrims coming to Medjugorje as "religious fanatics," or worse.
State-run news outlets accused us and the local priests of being Croat nationalists who had fabricated the apparitions to foment a counter-revolution. The national television news labeled us "bitter enemies of the state," and newspaper headlines referring to Medjugorje seemed like they had come from a tabloid:
Religious Hoax Draws Thousands of Zealots
Friars Suspected of Nationalist Plot
Six Yokels Invent Visions of Mary
The authorities held a community meeting at the elementary school and summoned our parents and relatives to attend. They said that if the "nonsense" did not stop, then we would be expelled from school and locked away in a mental institution, and our parents would lose their jobs and passports......

pg 102 Mirjana returned to Sarajevo to continue in high school in the fall of 1981.
As the beginning of the school year approached, I looked forward to seeing my friends. I was also eager to continue my education, something that had always been important to me. I would be entering my junior year at one of the best high schools in Sarajevo, conveniently located just a few blocks from our apartment. Taking a walk through the city one morning, I glanced in a corner shop and abruptly stopped when I read the day's newspaper headline:
Mirjana Dragicevic, Granddaughter of Fascist, claims visions
It did not even seem real. I scanned the first few lines of the article.
Mirjana Dragicevic, a 16 year old high school student from Sarajevo, says that she sees and speaks with an imaginary VIrgin Mary. Her anti-government activity should come as no surprise, though. Her grandfather was a fascist.

Then Mirjana was kicked out of her high school and had to attend the high school for troubled and at risk students. She has said over and over that she would not make up these apparitions because they put her family at risk for imprisonment.
As if she herself with her bad back has brought mixed cement down to the perimeter, poured the cement and paved over the rocks and then laid tiles upon it. Do you see how absurd the article is? Why do they state that Mirjana has done this herself? Why don't they speculate that she may have (if they do own the property....which is still a big if) hired a contractor to do this work? My point in showing past headlines about Mirjana is that she does not enjoy good press from the local publications.
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By Maryh
Mirjana said its not true, none of it & i suppose we have to take her at her word in good faith.
She's entitled to her privacy anyway.

It doesn't exactly look like a beach; only stones; the new addition looks like a romantic spot over-looking the sea.

It says in the article the house was bought over 20 years ago and is in the process of being legalised.
Who would want to issue threats as a result of the stonework being reported though?
They sound like dodgy characters whoever did that & very entitled to boot. Not very civilised of them.
Maybe a journalist should investigate and get to the bottom of it?
It's hard to believe lots of news reports anymore anyway due the the sheer volume of fake news and slanderous accusations that are abounding and taken as fact.

The million dollar question that i would like to know is: Why are there so many bottles of wine judiciously placed all around the villa? On almost every surface & table in the place! The goblet style wine glasses too. And not a crucifix in sight!
Its beyond a joke; and i thought us Irish had a bad reputation when it came to the drink....we haven't a patch on that kind of carry on!
Coming back on this gossip
24SATA asked Mirjana again about this concrete.
She answered:
Here in Herzegovina they say that this is men's work, not women's work. Women do not pave beaches with concrete, that is a men's job.
24SATA reminded her that she had said previously that she knew nothing about beach or house, even being them the registered owners.
She answered:
That was a misunderstanding purposely taken out of context.

source: ... -ne-643576
I just have the feeling that the ongoing claims of apparitions and messages is all going to end in embarrassment for some of the Medjugorje seers and for those who follow them. Confusion reigns as to who is telling the truth or not.

At Kibeho, only three of the seers were officially recognised.

We know Archbishop Henryk Hoser was placed at Kibeho. Is it simply a coincidence that Pope Francis sent him to Medjugorje?

Who remembers the laicised Franciscan priest Tomislav Vlasic who was so close to the Medjugorje seers at one time? Whatever happened to him? He went off and aligned himself to a new-age Italian ‘mystic’ who claims to receive messages from the ‘mother of humanity’.
Is there a spirit of confusion then wandering through Medjugorje?
This morning at mystic posts: ... om-my-son/
Then Our Lady briefly addressed each of us with these words: “Dear children, at this time I particularly wish to invite you to decide for God. Put God, in your life and in your families, in the first place! Leave the transience of this world, materialism, all that takes you away from my Son.”
While Ana Shawl claims that the message was:
Dear Children, in this time of mercy in a special way I wish to call you to prayer. Perseverance in prayer. So many times I have said that my Son has allowed me to say here together with you because I wish to teach you and to raise you/educate you Because I wish to lead you to my Son. Therefore, Decide for Him. Put Jesus in the first place in your families, pray in front of Him, so that you can receive graces. The mother prays for all of you and intercedes for you to her Son.
There are similarities but it is not the same message.
Ivan’s messages are the most repetitive. I refer to them as cut and paste messages, but always with an emphasis on the family.

I remember attending an apparition to Ivan one evening at the top of Apparition Hill. The usual standard message was read out but no mention or warning of the torrential rain that followed and which made it dangerously difficult for the hundreds of pilgrims trying to descend down the hill afterwards.

Why would Our Lady want pilgrims climbing Apparition Hill at 10pm at night, and coming down in the dark? 10pm is a convenient time as it doesn’t intefere with the evening services at St James. Same for the early start with Mirjana’s apparitions. Gives pilgrims time to rush back to St James for Mass. And why doesn’t Mirjana or Ivan have their apparitions close to St James church. Because they are not allowed to. Hence the compromise on apparition times.

As for a spirit of confusion... the desert always encroaches on an oasis of peace. Medjugorje is not immune from its problems and temptations.
The news organization 24 sata should have recorded the interview with Mirjana regarding the beach house. Because there is no audio recording of the questions and responses of this supposed interview, one can not independently check for bias and fraudulent statements. The comments below the article are running about 100% negative for Mirjana's character and some of the commenters also disparage Vicka. The 24 sata news site seems to be tabloid like with sensational headlines and video to stir up their readers. If you have a bit of news to share, please bring it from a non-tabloid source.
For sure, 24SATA is very clear on its position re Mirjana. I felt Mirjana’s response re the role of men and women was a typical make-light-of-it side step by her. The issue wasn’t really about whether Mirjana herself had concreted the beach, but if it had been done with her approval and without official permission. I’ve said before, in my opinion Mirjana is adept at moving the goalposts when it comes to answering the tricky questions. But then she’s had nearly 40 years of dealing with these issues. As for Mirjana revealing the so-callled 10 ‘secrets’, don’t hold your breath.
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By gtc
I am curious why you say don't hold your breath on Mirjiana revealing the secrets. I don't usually look at the video but did this last one and it does look like she is in a lot of pain. I have read before she is having back issues (I believe). Is that the reason or is there something else?

Sorry that comment didn't fit in with what you were saying so it caught me off guard.
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By gtc
No apology necessary. I just didn't know what your perspective was. Thank you for sharing your insight.

Yes, I agree none of them are exempt from suffering. Vicka has had back issues for years. Perhaps it is part of their calling. I have not read that anywhere but it would not be an unreasonable for that to be the case.

You're welcome Christine. I have put every one on […]

Wow. Amen