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By St Anthony helps
Can anyone definitively clarify this question... Does Fr Petar give us the details of all of the ten secrets 3 days before each occurs.. OR does he release details of only one of the secrets before it occurs??
I had always assumed he would release all ten at their appropriate times, but since this current crisis began i've heard conflicting reports
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By Prodigals
Fr Petar has said "When the time comes for the secrets to be released, rather the first secret, ten days before, she [Mirjana] will give me this parchment and then I will then be able to read the first secret and then, along with her, I will fast for seven days and pray. Then I would be able to reveal it to the world"

He went on to say "That is before every secret" suggesting that his understanding is that this process involving him will be repeated for each secret. However, nothing is said about how much time will elapse between secrets. The implication is that Fr Petar would be there for the revealing of each secret, no matter how much time there was between secrets.
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By gtc
Mirjana has said about the timing a couple things. One, in general, that once they start happening, that they will follow one another fairly quickly, implying it won't be years for all of this to take place. The other thing she said is that the timing between them varies.
By thebpman
This says that before "one" of the secrets they will reveal it to the world, not the first. This is where I'm confused too.

Mirjana has relayed the following:

“Before the visible sign is given to mankind, there will be three warnings to the world. The warnings will be in the form of events on earth. Mirjana will be a witness to them. Ten days before one of the admonitions, Mirjana will notify a priest of her choice. As stated earlier, Fr. Petar was the priest she chose. The witness of Mirjana will be a confirmation of the apparitions and a stimulus for the conversion of the world.

“After the admonitions, the visible sign will appear on the site of the apparitions in Medjugorje for all the people to see. The sign will be given as a testimony, confirming the apparitions and in order to call people back to faith.

“The ninth and tenth secrets are serious. They concern chastisement for the sins of the world. Punishment is inevitable, for we cannot expect the whole world to be converted. The punishment can be diminished by prayer and penance, but it cannot be eliminated. Mirjana says that one of the evils that threatened the world, the one contained in the seventh secret, has been averted thanks to prayer and fasting. That is why the Blessed Virgin continues to encourage prayer and fasting:

‘You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature.’

“After the first admonition, the others will follow in a rather short time. Thus, people will have some time for conversion.

“That interval will be a period of grace and conversion. After the visible sign appears, those who are still alive will have little time for conversion. For that reason, the Blessed Virgin invites us to urgent conversion and reconciliation. The invitation to prayer and penance is meant to avert evil and war, but most of all to save souls.

“According to Mirjana, the events predicted by the Blessed Virgin are near. By virtue of this experience, Mirjana proclaims to the world: ‘Convert as quickly as possible. Open your hearts to God.’

“In addition to this basic message, Mirjana related an apparition she had in 1982 which we believe sheds some light on some aspects of Church history. She spoke of an apparition in which satan appeared to her. satan asked Mirjana to renounce the Madonna and follow him. That way she could be happy in love and in life. He said that following the Virgin, on the contrary, would only lead to suffering. Mirjana rejected him, and immediately the Virgin gave her the following message, in substance:

‘Excuse me for this, but you must realize that satan exists. One day he appeared before the throne of God and asked permission to submit the Church to a period of trial. God gave him permission to try the Church for one century. This century is under the power of the devil, but when the secrets confided to you come to pass, his power will be destroyed. Even now he is beginning to lose his power and has become aggressive. He is destroying marriages, creating division among priests and is responsible for obsessions and murder. You must protect yourselves against these things through fasting and prayer, especially community prayer. Carry blessed objects with you. Put them in your house, and restore the use of holy water.’” 1



Even though Our Lady doesn’t speak a lot about the secrets, they are an important part of Our Lady’s plans for the salvation of mankind. For those who are responding to Our Lady’s call, the secrets should not create fear in their hearts. Any good father disciplines his children. The secrets are God’s way of disciplining His wayward children back into His loving embrace. The secrets will be fearful and considered chastisements for those of His children who have turned away from Him, who are living godless lives. But Our Lady calls all of us to conversion, not to wait until the secrets are realized. For many, it will then be too late. Act now and embrace Our Lady’s messages. Accept and embrace God’s love and mercy during this special time of grace with Our Lady
By St Anthony helps
Ten days before one of the admonitions, Mirjana will notify a priest of her choice.

Thaanks....This is where the confusion lies. It is still not clear. In light of current events this needs cleared up from an authorative source.

God bless and stay safe and healthy everyone.
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By gtc
From this website:

In the past, Mirjana has said, “When Our Lady entrusted me with the tenth secret, she asked me to choose a priest who will reveal the secrets at the appropriate time. I chose Fr Petar Ljubic. I am supposed to tell him 10 days in advance what will happen and where. We are supposed to spend seven days in prayer and fasting, and then three days before what is to happen he is supposed to reveal the secret to the world. He doesn’t have the right to choose whether to reveal it or not.”

From another website and interview in (I believe) 2008 of Fr. Petar:
That is Mirjana – she is a visionary. We don’t know when that will take place. She received from Our Lady ten secrets. She has also received a parchment that is not from this world, but something Our Lady gave her and on it are the ten secrets. They are written right there. When the time comes for the secrets to be released, rather the first secret, ten days before, she will give me this parchment and then I will then be able to read the first secret and then, along with her, I will fast for seven days and pray. Then I would be able to reveal it to the world what will take place: where, how, and how long. That is before every secret. The first two secrets are warnings; especially they are for the people of Medjugorje because Our Lady first appeared there. When that takes place, the first two secrets, then it will be clear to everyone that Our Lady was truly there. The third secret will be an undestroyed (indestructible) sign that will take place on the Mountain of Apparitions, in the place where Our Lady first appeared. That sign will be a great joy for all those who have believed that She is there all along. And it will be a last call to those who have not converted, and did not hear Her messages. But it is not wise to wait for that sign. This is a moment of conversion. This is a time for prayer. This is the time for our spiritual cleansing. This is the time to decide to live for God, for Jesus Christ. Therefore, we call this time, a time of grace. That is what I can say about the secrets. Therefore we need to take advantage of this time in order to be ready to meet Our Lady with Her secrets. That is my duty to tell people, that they should not be surprised over anything.

These seem to indicate that he is going to only receive one secret at a time and they will fast and pray for 7 days before each secret.

[*]Very inciteful. :lol:

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