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(Testimony given in Catholic Church in Europe, America, Africa and Asia)

The peace of Jesus be with you !

Beloved brothers and sisters, I have the joy of sharing with you when Christ resurrected me from spiritual death. He allowed me to experience the illumination of my conscience to which I have witnessed in the Catholic Church, in Europe, America, in Africa and in Asia.

In 2013 I have been appointed as President of the virtual community “Missionaries of Divine Mercy”. It is located in the Divine mercy shrine in Spain. The spiritual father of this community is the rector of the shrine.

I have also my own spiritual counselor who is Director of Diocesan spiritual center and Director of Diocesan mass media. He asked me to go in the entire world to give talks on my conversion.

« Childhood and youth »

My parents had me baptized a few days after my birth. I followed all the catechism courses and made my first communion. Mother, a pious woman, taught me to pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary which we prayed every evening. However, after my communion, I no longer attended the Catholic Church, not until 1996, the date on which Jesus came to save me. I was 32 years old.

I will relate the life I led during all those years, away from Jesus.

At 15 years of age my life took a tumble. I began smoking, going to shady bars, had fortunes told, practiced numerology, and writing to astrologers. At that age, I did not know the Word of God : “Let there not be found among you anyone who immolates his son or daughter in the fire, nor a fortune teller, soothsayer, charmer, diviner, or caster of spells, nor one who consults ghosts and spirits or seeks oracles from the dead. Anyone who does such things is an abomination to the Lord and because of such abominations the Lord, your God, is driving nations out of your way. You, however, must be altogether sincere toward the Lord your God.” (Deut. 18: 10).

When I finished my studies, I spent week-ends in discos, smoking hashish, drinking alcohol, wearing mini-skirts and fornicating without guilt, with men whom I would meet. I was searching for Love with a capital L. Satan held me in his hellish links.

« Astrology and Spiritualism »

It was during an evening at a nightclub that I met a young man. After a few months, we decided to live common law. I did not know that by having sexual contacts outside the sacrament of marriage, that my soul would be united to impure spirits. After five years, I left him and moved to another city. There I met an astrologer and an AMORC (Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross) Rosicrucian. The astrologer proposed to read my karmic astrological theme and I accepted. She explained to me that this was to study my astrological theme based on my previous lives and to study my karma.

Soon after, I went to a spiritualistic center, in order to listen to the teachings of a guru ; there I found a book that I studied which was called ”The Gospel according to spiritualism” by Allan Kardec. One day this guru proposed to those who wished to do so to participate in live séances of spiritualism on Wednesday evenings. Ignorant as I was, I accepted. During these séances, I began to see mediums who entered into trances and who pretended to receive messages from the holy Cure of Ars, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus and also from the Holy Mother of God ; sometimes even from the Lord Jesus Christ and of course from aliens. Had I only known then that those who delivered these messages were from fallen spirits, I would have left that spiritualistic center immediately.

« Contact with a guru »

One Wednesday evening, the guru offered to those who would want it a general cleanup of their soul. I suffered much in my interior, but at that time, I did not know that it was an accumulation of my sins that oppressed me. I believed that this interior suffering was caused by the karma that I accumulated in my so called previous lives since I did believe in reincarnation. I had not been aware that death is the end of my earthly pilgrimage ; that it was a time of grace and mercy that God offered me so as to fulfill my life on earth according to the divine purpose and to decide of my final destiny. I did not know then that when my earthly life would come to an end, I would not return to other earthly lives. I found out later that men die only once. (Heb. 9:17) According to the teaching of the Catholic Church, there was no reincarnation after death.

Believing that the guru had the power to free me from my previous lives, I accepted his proposition and sat next to him. He was working for the devil and, by allowing myself to surrender to his power, I allowed the devil to take possession of me. Evil spirits had penetrated me because of the errors of my way: card reading, pendulum, astrology, horoscope, palm reading, initiation to yoga, reiki, veneration of Buddha, esoteric meditation, opening to the chakras, chi kong, etc… With the powers that he obtained from the devil, the guru set his hands on both my chakras! The chakra of the heart and the chakra of the third eye! Then he told me that he had transmitted the light upon me. But unfortunately, it was the “light” of God’s enemy. I then returned home and began to feel ill.

During the spiritualistic séance that followed, I lived through a very difficult experience.

The kundalini arose. Kundalini is a powerful energy lodged in the sacrum bone at the base of the back. When it is awakened, it travels along the spine and travels from the center up to the chakra of the heart located above the head. During this experience, I had the impression of being transported into heaven, so powerful was this energy.

What I had not then understood, is that by practicing yoga and the unleashing of the kundalini, I allowed Satan to enter into me and to take charge of my interior. I did not know that the practice of yoga could open the door of my soul to evil spiritual entities.

Yoga is not a simple practice. It belongs to a true religion from which it is hard to be released. I heard from an informed priest that yoga is a Hindu practice that unites the temporal self “Jiva” to the infinite “Brahman”, the Hindu concept of God. This god is presented as an impersonal spiritual substance. He is not Jesus Christ, the personal God of Revelation. By calling upon foreign divinities that do not exist, I was really entering in contact with demons and submitting to them.

I then realized that by practicing yoga, I adored a god other than the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and thus breaking the first of God’s commandments: “You will have no god other than Me.” (Deut. 5:7)

Feeling more and more ill, I decided to abandon these techniques. Since my chakras were opened, I found myself between life and death for many long months, and if I am alive today, I can only say thank you to Jesus.

« Association with the Order of Rose Cross AMORC »

With my thirst for knowledge yet unsatisfied, I joined the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and, quickly, I began to receive small booklets to study. I stopped at the seventh level of the Temple. I also joined a Rosicrucian lodge where I underwent many initiations and it is only later, when Jesus freed me, that I saw how Satan had taken possession of me during each initiation. I heard: “It is Satan who performs the initiations”. I then realized that these initiations were ordained by the master of hell, Lucifer. During each initiation, I belonged to him more and more and was sinking more deeply into the abyss. I then had the vision of my soul imprisoned. I found myself behind bars. This chastisement was linked to my immoderate pride.

I who wanted to be somebody in this esoteric Order, I now found myself a prisoner. I saw my soul enclosed behind bars. This chastisement was the consequence of my pride that condemned me. Satan was condemned because of his excessive pride and I then realized that he had condemned me through his great hatred and with his evil wish to lose souls. In my heart, I then felt all the pride that was boiling. In fact, my heart was united to that of the devil ! How I suffered when I discovered this. For all these years spent in esoterism, I had not realized that pride is a capital sin and that if we sin through pride, we die spiritually.

In Genesis chapter 3, God had ordered Eve to not eat of the fruit of the tree that was in the middle of the garden: “You will not eat of it nor will touch it for fear that you will die”. (Gen. 3:3)

Dear brothers and sisters, although the Church through the Catechism recommends us to stay clear of pride, I had disobeyed when listening to the voice of the serpent. “You will not die”. (Gen. 3:4). My pride had brought about the falling of my soul into the abyss.

In this Order I had studied various disciplines: the psychic body of man, stellar traveling, human aura, chakras, vocal sounds, mantras… Through these studies, I attempted to know and understand the god that was named “the cosmic one”. But I understood nothing of this false god and its energies. Can you imagine what kind of love relationship I had with that god? None. No burning heart to heart as I can now experience with Jesus of Love in the Eucharist. I then bitterly regretted having allowed myself to pursue such studies. I later regretted having dropped the study of the Holy Bible. Had I known at that time that my inquiries displeased God, I would have stopped immediately.

As I was not reading the Bible, I was ignorant of the parables that the Lord Jesus had given us to allow us to one day enter paradise: « And so the king said to those on his right: Come, you the blessed ones of My Father; receive the kingdom that has been prepared for you since the founding of the world. As I was hungry, and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink, I was a stranger and you received me; I was naked, and you clothed me; I was sick and you visited me; I was in prison, and you came to see me.” (Matt. 25: 34-36)

« Researching the New Age »

In researching the New Age that does not come from God, I practiced magnetism, telepathy, pendulum, all kinds of magic, hypnosis, the effects of New Age, reading auras, all forms of healing through energies, crystals, music and colours, meditations on New Age music, reiki – against which the bishops of the United States warn us. And then, I felt in my body that Satan had placed his energy in me and with his power, I then began to tremble. Later on I studied Christian reflections on the New Age “Jesus Christ the bearer of the Water of Life” that is proposed to us by the Pontifical Council on inter religious dialogue. We find this on the Vatican site. These writings proved to me that my studies were disastrous for my soul. In this report, it is written that New Age claims a wide range of practices such as acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic, kinesiology, iridology, homeopathy, different techniques of physical massages (such as ergonomy, feldenkrais, reflexology, rolfing, polarity massage, therapeutic touching, etc) meditation and visualizing, nutritional therapies, psychic treatments, different sorts of medicinal plants, healing through crystals, metals, music or colours, reincarnation therapies and finally the 12 step programs and groupings of self realization.

In the Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., I met a gentleman who was single for many years as his wife had left him for another man. A few months later, we decided to have a civil marriage. We could not get married in the Catholic Church because he had previously received the sacrament of marriage.

And then I was struck by a bolt of grace! Looking at a poster of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I heard a voice telling me: “My holy wounds will save you!” The wounds of his sorrowful Passion.

« Pilgrimage to Medjugorje »

Shortly after, during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, I agreed to re-enter the Catholic Church. During that trip, I felt within myself a great battle between heaven and hell, between the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and Satan. When I set foot on Medjugorjan soil I heard the devil say to the Holy Virgin Mary : “Mary, you have won”. By that he meant she had succeeded in attracting me to this holy place. It was already a first victory for the Holy Virgin who ardently wishes for the salvation of every soul. As I entered the large church of Medjugorje the devil began saying: “Against love, I can do nothing”. He is truly miserable. Love always conquers him. The Love of the Mother of God is so great. I discovered that she loved me as much as she does her Divine Son. I knelt before the Blessed Sacrament that was exposed, before the real presence of Jesus alive, body, blood, soul and divinity!

After adoration, I accompanied the group with whom I was making this pilgrimage. We decided to make the Way of the Cross. Then, we all went to the home that hosted us. The Holy Virgin Mary then spoke to me about the Rosicrucians. She told me: “It is a sect”. I did not realize that.

« First supernatural experience »

Upon returning to France, God gave me a first supernatural experience during which He asked me to do penance. He showed me how my soul was enclosed in the Beast that had a lion’s head as described in the Book of Revelation. (The beast I saw was like a leopard, but it had feet like a bear’s, and its mouth like a mouth of a lion. To it the dragon gave its own power and throne, along with great authority.” Rev. 13: 2)

I saw the demons that surrounded me and that were ready to take me with them to the place of darkness. These demons were tied to each of my sins.

« Descent into hell »

When I began to reflect more deeply into my soul, I saw myself as a hyena. I descended into the abyss, into the crater of fire, while blaspheming and feeling hatred towards God, just like the damned who live as if in a hive. There, I was overwhelmed by blood suckers because of my sin with the guru. Larvae stuck onto me. It was horrible. I truly lived great sufferings in my soul. That is what all the damned experience for all eternity. They suffer for each sin they have committed. The state of my soul was the consequence of my disobediences towards God’s law. Satan in his fury told me: “I condemned you to the punishment of hell”.

If Jesus had not given me the assurance regarding my eternal salvation, I would have despaired. The fact that He told me that his holy wounds would save me, sufficed to give me much hope. Jesus is but love and mercy. He paid much in order to save my soul. I did not know that Satan was burning in hell and wanted everyone to burn with him (“The Devil who had led them astray was thrown into the pool of fire and sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet were. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever” Rev. 20:10)

The Blessed Virgin Mary told me: « Satan’s hatred is within you. » Many times I felt his great hate toward all that was created by God. I saw how Satan and the fallen angels along with the damned attacked the souls in their heart and their brain so as to destroy them. The worst part is that I could hear my soul saying: “Satan, I love you!” It was truly horrible! I was a decaying demon! The day when Jesus told me: « You worship Satan », I did not believe him. Now, I was facing the fact. My soul adored evil.

« My vanity and my rebeliousness had condemned me »

I was a worldly woman, seducer, always wooed and domineering. I said that I was a liberated woman but in fact I was chained to Lucifer. I saw the black chains with which Satan was binding me. They were large black chains. I also saw the devil with a pitchfork. He was all black, with a very mean look. The chains that I saw were all the sins that I had committed and that kept me linked to various demons of hell’s hierarchy. Only Jesus with his Precious Blood could cut these chains. If I had not confided in Jesus, I would have remained chained for all eternity and would have suffered the depths of torture in order to expiate my sins. That is why I thank Jesus millions of times for his sorrowful Passion that saved me from eternal hell. For all eternity, in thanksgiving, I will sing the praises of the great mercy of God.

My rebellion began by listening to rock, the Beatles, ACDC, and the evil spirits of this bad music entered into me… and everywhere “Peace and love” was promoted. I used these words with some of my hippy friends. My interior rebellion led me to support homosexuality, divorce, common law living, abortion. At that time, I had not realized that I was a great persecutor of Christ’s law, but you know, I was chained to the abyss and could not react any differently.

It is the light of Satan that is nothing other than darkness that inhabited me. God told me: “You are a great rebel.” I had to admit that it was true! If my mother had not prayed a lot for me and had not made sacrifices for my soul, I would, at this time, still be blinded by Lucifer’s light. Fasting and prayer greatly helped me to be delivered. Jesus explained that when I prayed, He prayed with me, in me, for my liberation.

« The devil attacks souls »

I then heard the enemy of God speak to the Virgin Mary whom he fears terribly. Speaking of souls he said: “I hold them all, I will have them all” and I also heard that he has hold of many priests (because they do not do penance and no longer pray). If the demon succeeds in having a priest damn himself by being with a woman, he then rejoices because during that time, the priest no longer does his duty for saving souls. Woe to these women who detract priests from their vocation! They will always be under the confines of God’s justice and the sufferings of hell await them if they do not repent. If you only knew how the Blessed Virgin sheds tears when she sees the Beast engulf more and more souls. So she sheds many tears of blood and we are guilty of making her suffer.

Satan drags many souls on the way to perdition by prompting them to the love of the world, of money, of the flesh and of New Age. Personally, I was condemned to being raped by him for all eternity, had I not repented of my sins of the flesh such as when I masturbated in my youth and when I lived common law with a divorced man. I will speak to you about this in a while. God was good to me and He told me: “Respect your body.” “I created you with my hands.” “No longer make your flesh suffer.” “Set a good example.” That meant that I must live in purity and witness to it.

« Jesus : My name is Yeshuah »

When He came to deliver me, I had an interior vision and He told me: « My name is Yeshuah! Do you want to get out of this?” God always leaves freedom of the soul. And I answered: “Yes, I want out.” I had never heard of that name in my life. I wanted to know what it meant and I discovered that Yeshuah is the Hebrew name for Jesus. He then let me see a few visions of his public life. I saw Him walking with three of his apostles. They all wore a long light maroon tunic. He then showed himself to me as He was praying alone when He had retired to the mountain, which allowed me to see his face. He was beautiful. I also saw Him carry the cross on his shoulder. Finally, I saw Him dead on the cross, with his heart opened and from which flowed blood and water. I then understood his tremendous love for souls when He said while on the cross: “I thirst”.

« The workings of the flesh are reserved only for marriage »

At this particular time in my life, I did not know that God forbade sexual relations outside of marriage in the Church.

In the Decalogue, the Word of God tells us: “The workings of the flesh are reserved for marriage only”. God even told me that it was forbidden to think about the flesh before marrying in the Church and that it was equally forbidden to procreate before having celebrated the sacrament of marriage. He enlightened me with his Word: “I am a jealous God, who renders the children accountable for their fathers’ fault, to the third and fourth generation of those who detest me; but who acts with faithfulness up to the thousandth generation toward those who love me and observe my commandments.” (Ex. 34,7)

At that moment, I understood that had I fallen pregnant without being married sacramentally, my child’s soul would bear the weight of my disobedience against God’s Law. I also understood that if I had borne a child, I would have had to have masses of reparation celebrated for its soul as he would have been born without the divine grace of the sacrament of marriage. I have many friends who had children out of wedlock and God invited me to explain to them that they must meet a priest in order to receive the sacrament. If they submit humbly, out of love for Jesus who suffered so greatly for their salvation, He would deliver the descendants from all curses. God severs negative links if the soul sincerely regrets having offended Him and makes acts of penance.

« Chastisement for the sin of the flesh »

God allows me also, in my interior, to hear the devil and know his evil intentions so that I can denounce him to my brothers and sisters for the good of their souls. The devil told me that it was he who provides sexual pleasure. He often tried to rape me or give me pleasure through very strong interior temptations, but did not succeed to do so because I asked Our Blessed Virgin to keep my soul from pleasure ; thanks to the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that the Blessed Virgin protected me. Sexual pleasure is permitted by God only in the Sacrament of marriage for procreation.

I often heard the devil say: “If I could, I would rape her”. I took the vow of chastity and it now has been many years since I live in purity. Rape by the devil or devils, is one of the chastisements in hell for all those souls that did not regret committing the sin of the flesh: homosexuality, living common law, divorce and civil remarriage.

If there is no repentance, masturbation is punishable, which I would have had to personally atone for all eternity had I not repented of all my mockeries. I was very proud, mocking and very vain.

The Blessed Virgin also asked me to do penance for laughing at words which I uttered that offended God. If you only knew the hatred that Satan bears towards each one of us, for God and for priests, it is terrible.

God told me: “Revere my priests.” Priests are the apple of the eyes of Jesus. Without priests, nobody would have access to heaven because only they can provide us with the sacraments, and can open us to the Life of Christ and grant us forgiveness.

« My ascending from the abyss »

After these moments of interior suffering, Jesus raised me from the abyss by taking me back to Him and I felt his power remove me from this state of darkness, in which I was terrified of everything. He is more powerful than all the devils put together.

« Jesus and Mary give me counsels »

Jesus and Mary then spoke to me. The Blessed Virgin told me :

« You have offended my immaculate heart. »

« My Son died because of your sins. »

« You do not love the cross enough. »

« When you are afraid, come into my arms. »

« Remain faithful to my Son,”

« Fight spiritualism. »

« Your life is mine. » At that moment I understood that the most Blessed Virgin Mary wanted me to consecrate my entire life to her and serve her. To have me fully at her service, she asked me to remain simple, to ignore myself and to be sober in all things. The Blessed Virgin loves humility. She also made me know that she would always be my intercessor near God. When we pray to her and serve her, the Virgin Mary is always grateful.

In his great kindness, Jesus consoled me for having such a powerful spiritual experience. With great charity He told me: «You are my great beauty». I understood that He was speaking of my soul. I was surprised when He told me: «You need someone to take great care of you». At that moment I understood that God was a real Father who watches over me for everything day and night. He then told me: «Begin by loving sincerely». The Holy Spirit showed me that in fact I never in my life loved and the Blessed Virgin told me: «You do not like to share». I then began to greet the poor at home; I nearly gave all my clothes away and I spent all my money for the needy. I no longer wanted to keep anything for myself and Jesus added: «Fear not giving everything away».

I then heard the following words: «You are my total joy». «You are mine». «Think only of Me». «Think of loving only Me». «I will heal you». «You bathe in my Blood». «Give Me much love». «Sin no more». «Do not sell your soul to the devil». «Betray me no more». «Do not jest with Me». (I was in the habit of jesting with God). «I love being feared». (it is not about fearing me but of fearing to offend Him because God is Holy. If we offend Him, we must confront his justice that is severe). «I am your only master». «I am the Way, the Truth and the Life». «No longer wander away from Me». «Elude the world». «Elude men». « Do not scoff at sinners». «Love them all». «Deny yourself». «Divest yourself». «Listen to my word, observe my commandments, observe the Sabbath». (It is to say the day of the Lord). «I am the Son of God». «I want you nearer to Me». «You are dear to Me». I understood that God wanted me to be more intimate with Him while still respecting his great holiness. He ended by saying: «You do not imagine to what degree I love you». «Read the Bible».

I never read the Bible. As for the commandments of God, I knew that there were ten but knew no more. Then I purchased a Bible, the Jerusalem Bible, and I learned about the Law of God.

It is only later, when I consulted the Catechism of the Catholic Church that I discovered that since the age of fifteen I was in the state of mortal sin (Catechism of the Catholic Church (french version 1856) : When the will sets itself upon something that is of its nature incompatible with the charity that orients man toward his ultimate end, then the sin is mortal by its very object… such as adultery…)

« Jesus : Uphold my law »

Jesus then gave me an order: «Uphold my law». That is what I have been doing since 1996, which brought me many persecutions. Then Jesus added: «Let me decide your eternal salvation». I then told Jesus: Lord, I understand what You want to tell me. If, spiritually, I take my own direction, I will run towards disaster, but if You yourself direct me through my spiritual director, then I will be able to see heaven one day. I therefore accepted for God to decide the destiny that He chose for me. I gave Him my free decision. Since God is all knowing, He cannot delude Himself. I surrendered to God’s will but it took many years to adjust. Jesus then told me: «Submit to everything». I therefore submitted to the His holy will and to my spiritual director, as if to the Lord Jesus, to circle the world and witness to the great mercy of God.

« Following Jesus throughout the world »

Following Jesus was quite difficult for many years. However, after experiencing many years of intense spiritual battles, He told me: «You are ready to follow Me». I was so persecuted that at times I wondered if I could carry on. Jesus then taught me to surrender to his will. He gave me the graces to follow Him as well as his own virtues, without which I could have no longer moved on.

What helped me much, I was to meditate on the Passion of Christ. During my various travels throughout the world, I meditated on the suffering of Christ during the Way of the Cross for my salvation, I must do the same for his glory.

« You will not proclaim the name of the Lord, your God, in vain »

At that time in my life, I did not know the second commandment : «You will not proclaim the name of the Lord, your God, in vain». (Ex. 20:7). Unfortunately, many times I pronounced the name of God in vain, which is sacred and later on, I acknowledged my fault before a priest.

« Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day »

I did not even know the third commandment since I no longer attended mass on Sunday. Neither did I go on the days of obligation (Christmas, Ascension, Assumption, All Saints day). For many years, I worked on Sunday when it was to be a day of complete rest. «Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. Six days you may labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord, your God. No work may be done» (Ex. 20 : 8-10)

« You shall not kill »

When I got to know the fifth commandment, I was covered with shame « You shall not kill ». (Ex. 20: 13). I then realized that I was killing myself by smoking two packages of cigarettes a day, by taking soft drugs, by drinking a lot of alcohol, and by taking the pill. I also realized that I was killing others by often becoming very angry with my neighbor.

One day I also accompanied a friend who wished to have an abortion to a clinic. I do not know if you know what goes on during an abortion but it is awful. Abortion is murder. When Jesus and Mary enlightened me about this sin, I cried and repented.

I now pray every day to stop the abortions of these martyred babies and for the mothers who aborted them. I also pray for these mothers to repent and for the doctors who perform abortions; hopefully, they will do penance and acknowledge their error before God. They will have to make up for these sins with great suffering after their death. The demons will inflict upon them eternal torments if they do not repent. While we are in this period of great mercy, may they benefit from the blood and water that gushed from the divine heart…

« My civil marriage »

I then found myself with the one whom I was to wed and explained to him that we were to live in chastity until the wedding.

A few months later, we were married in the town hall and then a priest received us and granted us a simple blessing. He organized a small ceremony before the Blessed Virgin, without the blessing of the rings, as you would understand. When it was over, Jesus told me: «This is a lie». I immediately understood that this simple blessing did not please Him. We then went home. We had just purchased a house so as to live there happily.

The day after my wedding, I experienced something extraordinary. My soul found itself in a peaceful place, as in a forest. I was walking with Jesus and we both felt good. I was in total happiness. When I came to myself, I was engulfed with happiness and fullness of the joy of having spoken with Jesus, without however remembering what He had told me. I felt madly in love with Jesus ; I realized how much He loved me; I still long for this.

« Jesus : Offer Me your life »

Following that, I went to a church and as I was before the crucifix, Jesus told me: « Offer Me your life ». I was so happy that at night I went to mass and received communion without knowing that I had a mortal sin on my conscience. In my interior, I knew that I should not go near the Eucharist, but a powerful strength attracted me to take the body of Christ. At that time, in my life, I did not know that it was the devil who was enticing me to receive the body of Christ in the state of sin. He had pushed me so as to thrust me into perdition. It is only later that my soul sank into the abyss because of that communion. The following day I returned to mass and did not receive communion. I then heard: « You are reasonable ».

I did not yet have much knowledge regarding the Word of God which I only discovered later: «Therefore, whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer to the Lord».

A person should examine his conscience before eating the bread and drinking the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without discerning, eats and drinks judgment on his self. That is why so many among you may be ill inform, and a as result a considerable number are dying.”. (1 Cor. 11: 27-30)

« Jesus told me : Your soul was lost »

Jesus told me: « Your soul is lost ». I was very much lost spiritually without confession, truly a sacrament of mercy. That is why I will speak to you about my first confession a little later.

Many souls fall into hell unfortunately at the hour of their death because they did not give proper respect to the Eucharist; they had no respect for the body of Christ and as a result, Jesus vomited them on the day of their particular judgment of their soul. Had they confessed to a priest, they may have been in purgatory or in heaven but not in hell.

After this experience, Jesus told me: « I have a plan for you ». In fact, He created me to accomplish a mission ; this mission is to visit nations and be a witness of his great mercy. He chose me before my birth to be his witness in the world.

« Jesus : I seek atonement for your marriage »

Two days after the wedding, I left the nuptial room because Jesus removed me from it by telling me: «Obey me, I demand atonement». Then I told Jesus: You know that it is not easy to repent so quickly.

I had carnal desires and Jesus told me: «Your sin offended me». «Submit my daughter» (that meant submit to my Law) and He showed me demons with cruel eyes to which I was bound because of my sin of adultery. What horror! My soul suffered martyrdom and I heard my soul say: I am in the bottom of the abyss. What suffering I experienced, my dear brothers and sisters! I was in an intense spiritual distress.

Had I known that this civil marriage was going to lead me to the bottom of hell, I would have remained single or would have married a man who was free ; but surely not a divorced man who was married in the Church.

Jesus wanted to soothe me. He saw that I was self destructing internally and that I lacked much love. At this time, I was suffering from being physically separated from the man whom I had just married. It was a great wound. So Jesus told me: «You have a big wound».

Later on, He added, «Give Me your distress» and many times He had me rest on his tender Heart to make me feel how much He loved me. God loves us to distraction, but He cannot renounce his Law as it is a part of Him.

Then Jesus had me live moments of intense peace. The Heart of Jesus is an ocean of love, of exquisite tenderness and mercy. Then I told Jesus: My God, make it so that I never lose your Love.

Having tasted such indescribable peace, I rediscovered the world in which I live, and I left for a trip to the Holy Land.

« Trip in the Holy Land »

In order to purify my flesh, I went to bathe in the Jordan. When Naaman, general of the king of Syria, obeyed the prophet Elisha who had ordered him to bathe in order to be purified, his flesh became similar to that of a small child. (2 Kings 5: 14). I believed the Word of God.: “Go and bathe seven times in the Jordan and your flesh will once again become clean.” After having immersed myself seven times in the Jordan, my flesh that was leprous, once again became pure and from that moment on I no longer had sexual relations.

« Jesus : renounce your marriage »

When I visited Capernaum, Jesus told me: «Renounce your marriage». I then understood how my marriage to a divorced man had offended Jesus given that the man had already been previously married in the Catholic Church. (French Catechism of the Catholic Church 1650 : Today there are numerous Catholics who have recourse to civil divorce and contract new civil unions. In fidelity to the words of Jesus Christ – “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another, commits adultery against her; and if she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery” (Mk. 10: 11-12) – the Church maintains that a new union cannot be recognized as valid, if there was a first marriage. If the divorced are remarried civilly, they find themselves in a situation that objectively contravenes God’s law. Consequently, they cannot receive communion as long as this situation persists. For the same reason, they cannot exercise certain ecclesiastical responsibilities. Reconciliation through the sacrament of Penance can be granted only to those who have repented for having violated the sign of the covenant and of fidelity to Christ, and who are committed to living in complete continence).

I thought, Lord, what is going to happen to those couples who live in fornication? I understood that God will save all those who offer Him their chastity and will make reparation with a life of penance. For a couple that is not united to God by the sacrament of marriage in the Church, it must abstain from sexual relations as an act of penance. This penance will be in reparation for the offense committed against God. If the penance is sincere, God will free them from the sufferings of hell.

« Impurity in marriage »

God has also enlightened me concerning couples married in the Church who practice intercourse in an impure way. Some commit horrible things with their flesh and thus profane the sacrament of marriage. I understood that many among them would be severely punished if they did not repent. As I was personally impure, the Blessed Virgin told me that I was to remain very pure, which is why I have been living in the state chastity for a very long time. I do penance just like Mary Magdalen. I understood that we must not play around with the flesh because to play around with the flesh, is to play with the devil. I also understood that the sexual act is a gift of God for procreation and not for pleasure.

I spoke to a priest about what I am living with Christ when I went to Jerusalem and the priest told me that I had to bear witness to that in the world.

« What God has united, man must not separate »

Upon my return to France, I had to face trials that awaited me in order to purify my soul. I had just married and settled in a home with children but God told me at that moment that it was forbidden to procreate (because I had not received the sacrament of marriage). I was living in adultery and had transgressed the sixth commandment of God “You shall not commit adultery”. The following day I looked for a priest confessor who received me with charity and I explained to him what God was asking of me. The priest confirmed that we had to live as brother and sister and added that I could receive communion if I accepted to sleep in a separate bedroom so as to practice chastity. He explained that divorce does not break the sacrament of marriage in the Church, therefore, my husband had remained married before God to his legitimate wife until death separates them, even if she has begun another new life. What God has united, man must not separate!

« Jesus cries over the unfaithful women »

I know very well that God will call this woman to account. God said that He cries over unfaithful women. This woman who left her husband will be told by God at her particular judgment: “Woman, what have you done with your husband?” Had she prayed to God, He would have reconciled them, but her heart was very hard. The soul of a woman who does not forgive her husband or leaves him is bound for the abyss. The same applies to the man who leaves his wife. However if a woman leaves her husband because her life is endangered, that is different. In this case, the Church allows the separation of body, but not divorce. If a man is unfaithful to his wife and leaves her for another, to get married or otherwise, he commits adultery and must render a severe account to God on the day of his particular judgment.

Does the man or woman who breaks the marriage vow think of the consequences that this will bring upon the children? On the day of the particular judgment of their soul, the father and the mother must render a very severe account to God concerning the Christian education and the love that they gave to their children. They must give an account of their paternal and their maternal actions Do these people know, that because of their infidelity, their children will be disturbed all their life? Man is often selfish and thinks only of himself. But what account one must render to God regarding the state of ones soul on the day of the particular judgment! When the movie of their life will run before their eyes, they will see that that sin will be inscribed in the book of life. What suffering their soul will feel if that sin was not erased by sacramental confession.

What suffering a soul will undergo if it has not repented while alive… And what suffering the soul will feel when it will experience and live the consequences of its unfaithfulness and the suffering that it has caused the children. I felt it because I made the children of my husband suffer by asking for a divorce. Although his wife was also asking him for a divorce for years, I should not personally have done it.

« Consequences of my adultery on my husband’s children »

I can tell you that even after a number of years, I still feel, in my soul, a great despair for having made the daughter of this man with whom I had contracted a civil bond suffer. One day when this child was crying and suffering because of our marriage, God told me in a severe tone: «Do penance».

Sixteen years later, I still suffer the consequences of that marriage. And I tell God: Since these children are not mine, in order to make reparation for my sin, I will pray for their salvation all my life. I love them as if they were my own children and one day I want to find them in heaven. God was touched and told me that He saw the heart of their mother and mine.

Their mother had imposed upon them another man since their early childhood and had never prayed for them. God saw my heart and a few months later, after my sincere repentance, He told me: “You have my mercy”. God only grants his mercy if we are sincerely contrite for our sin. He who does not want to pass through the door of God’s mercy, must pass through that of his justice. God’s justice, which is his strictness is indeed terrible, but, however His justice is as great as his mercy.

« God the Father : If you want Me to forgive you, forgive others »

Brothers and sisters, who are we to not forgive each other. Did not God forgive his executioners on the cross? How can you be reunited with your enemies in heaven if already on earth you do not love them. God told me: «If you want Me to forgive you, forgive others» as He taught us in the prayer “Our Father”. When God told me that, his voice thundered in the church where I was. It was so powerful that I made myself small. God truly freed me when I forgave everybody, when I had masses celebrated for my persecutors, when I prayed and fasted for those who wounded me…

« You will find peace after many masses »

As I felt much anguish, heaven told me: «You will find peace after many masses». Therefore I celebrated many sets of thirty masses; while these masses were celebrated for my soul I suffered terribly because God was freeing my soul from evil. I remember one day when I had stretched out on the ground, I suffered so much morally and physically when I heard these words: «Go to the sacraments » «Mary will free you from all these demons ». After that, I heard many demons whistling when they left me. That happened quite often to me. I then decided to go and see a priest. How ashamed I was of my sin! Since I was somewhat afraid to find myself alone with a priest in a confessional, I decided to go to general confession which would be, so I thought, just as beneficial for my soul.

« Acknowledge your sins »

Upon opening the Code of Canon Law I read what the conditions are for a general absolution to be valid. (Grave necessity of this sort can arise when there is imminent danger of death without sufficient time for the priest or priests to hear each penitent’s confession. Grave necessity can also exist when, given the number of penitents, there are not enough confessors to hear confessions properly in a reasonable time, so that the penitents through no fault of their own would be deprived of sacramental grace or holy communion for a long time. In this case, for the absolution to be valid, the faithful must have the intention of individually confessing their sins in the time required. A large gathering of the faithful on the occasion of major feasts or pilgrimages does not constitute a case of grave necessity).

After reading what the conditions are for a general confession, I instead decided to meet with a priest and to make a good private confession. Jesus encouraged me by saying: «Acknowledge your faults».

(see the following )
At that moment, the devil who was furious with me said: “Go to hell” I felt like I was going to lose my soul as soon as I will have had confessed. I immediately ran to the church and the devil pursued me saying: “You are forgiven, you are forgiven”. But I knew very well that if I confessed directly to God without going to the priest, I could never enter heaven. I also knew that if I did not enter the confessional, I would not be released from my sins by the Church. The priest is the only one who holds this power. So I held firm.

The devil left me alone and the priest received me with great charity but he was slightly surprised that I had many sheets in my hand on which I had written all my sins. I had written them so as to not forget any of them. Dear brothers and sister, I leave it up to you to imagine the mountain of sins accumulated in my soul since my first communion…

« My confession »

I trust the Catholic Church, the one true Church that Christ founded on Peter, the first Pope. I began reciting my sins without looking the priest in the eyes as, at that time, I was really ashamed. I did not yet know that Jesus was present in the priest so as to take me in his arms of love and wash me in his Precious Blood. I did not know that confession is a loving embrace with Christ. If, at that precise moment of my life, I had known that the demons are obliged to return to hell at the time of my confession, I would not have waited all these years to go to confession and thus have kept within me all these demons with whom I had sinned. I, therefore, thrust my eyes on my papers and read what I had written.

I confessed everything that I spoke to you about previously (going to bars, night clubs, fornication, masturbation, civil marriage, adultery, living common law, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, belief in reincarnation, Rose Cross, spiritualism, astrology, numerology, card reading, New Age….) and I added: I always disobeyed my parents and my bosses at work, I took the pill, I wore mini-skirts and low cut dresses, which encouraged men to sin in their gaze; I sinned by impure and uncharitable words and thoughts, I slandered, I insulted, I damned, I lied a lot, I stole, I did not attend mass on Sundays and days of obligation, I did not do Lenten practices properly for years, I was ashamed of my family, I was ashamed of being poor, I encouraged people to live common law, I led a friend to a clinic for an abortion, I did not pray and I did not share with the poor, I had many idols in music and cinema and artists, I saw X-rated films, scary films, films of violence, I read evil books that did not lead to the sanctification of my soul, I mocked others, I abused food, I slandered, I abused the goodness of people, I abused make-up and I wore sumptuous clothes… I also added the capital sins I committed as they opened the door of hell to my soul if they are not confessed: pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, sloth. The priest listened to me with patience and charity and since that time, I go to confession regularly each week.

Dear brothers and sisters, for each of my sins, I was bonded to the hierarchy of demons. In hell, there is an entire army of demons that we must resist. This can be done with fasting, prayer, penance and the Holy Rosary. Jesus told me: “Escape from the world”. I understood that He was telling me that because I spent a lot of time in the beauty salon, in fancy restaurants, in nightclubs, traveling to dream places, and buying luxury clothes in the high-end stores. I then understood that it was the devil that tempted me to do all these things so as to lose my soul. As long as I lived in the world, I did not think of the poor, which is why I was condemned because of the love of money. Satan then told me: “I keep you bound”. I can assure you that the chains that kept me bound to the infernal hierarchy were very heavy.

From that time on, I understood that God was allowing the demons to tempt me so that I could make a free choice of going to heaven or going to hell. God gave me complete freedom. The possibility of loving Him or loving the devil. I understood why Jesus had forewarned us: “Watch and pray that you may not undergo the test. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Matt. 26: 41)

The leader of the demons is called « Lucifer ». He is the one I often hear howling when I work for God. I heard him howl often while writing this witnessing.

There are many demonic hierarchies in hell. These demons tempt us with pride, vice, greed, love of money… There is also a militia in paradise. Saint Michael the Archangel is the great leader. When I pray the Saint Michael chaplet with the nine choirs of angels, I invoke the celestial choir of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, The thrones, the dominations, the Powers, the Virtues, the Principalities, the Archangels and the Angels. The third that is left represent the fallen spirits.

Dear brothers and sisters, once I revealed all my sins to the priest, I praised Jesus for his Precious Blood because during my confession, all the demons that were in me returned to hell, because I had made a sincere confession. I hid nothing from the priest. Had I willingly hidden some sins, my confession would have been sacrilegious and consequently, I would not have received any graces. I benefited from the blood and water that gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy.

I then went to do my penance before the tabernacle and there Jesus told me with all of his fatherly love: « Your sin is erased ». What a grace! Yes, dear brothers and sisters, Jesus erased my sins. My troubles, He consumed them. My weakness, He upholds them.

My confessed sins disappeared from the book of life in which everything is recorded. What a grace is the sacrament of confession! How kind God is to take all our sins upon Himself! I will praise his mercy for all eternity.

Before confession, I heard my soul say: « I am in the bottom of the abyss ». After I confessed I heard: “I am in the bottom of purgatory”.

Jesus explained to me that, although the sins were erased, I have to make reparation as long as I am on the earth. Otherwise, I would have had to make reparation in purgatory. He made me see the suffering of my soul in purgatory as it would expiated the sins of the flesh that I had committed. As well, I heard: “Expiation of the sin of the flesh”. In my soul I felt the torture inflicted by the demons, they were furious that I had abandoned them.

I accepted these sufferings in a spirit of humility and of reparation. I asked God’s grace for support for what I was to expiate. What shame it was for me to see in my interior that it was Satan who inflicted impurities on my own body. As a lover of sexual pleasure, my soul began to cry and regret it profusely. But I had to make reparation. I who loved mini-skirts to show my bosom, here is my body now in gehenna. In order to maintain a beautiful body I would go on diets, do body building, enjoy sauna and the jacuzzi. I even went for plastic surgery.

And what did that serve me, seeing that I was in the flames of hell. I often felt these vengeful flames. They are terrible and very powerful. Without the Precious Blood of Jesus, what would have happened to me? Only the Precious Blood of Jesus can extinguish these flames. Jesus then told me: “Respect your body” and He added “Be very modest with Me”. The Blessed Virgin then told me: “Do not pay much attention to yourself” then she added “You are not to live for yourself”. I then understood that we have to live so as to serve others. From that moment on, I drew nearer to Saint Mary Magdalen and I beseeched her to help me on the path of purity.

I begged God to preserve me from all carnal temptation. I also beseeched the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to preserve my soul from interior carnal temptations. I also beseeched Our Lady of Mount Carmel. From that time, the interior carnal temptations halted but the demons were infuriated against me in my dreams. They would have me see and live erotic events.

This often happened to me in my sleep, without my will being involved. I decided to speak to a priest about it. I even brought it up in confession. The confessor told me that this was a purification of the soul as I had sinned very much. Once more God washed me in his Blood.

« I threw out all my New Age books »

When I left the priest, I went home. I then began feeling much anguish as I had to tell my husband who, in a few hours, was to become my brother; he accepted this situation with great difficulty but he still accepted it because it dealt with the salvation of my soul. I then explained to him that I was going to quit the Rosicrucian Order AMORC.

Henceforth convinced that I had deeply erred in my ways, and after having read a book by Mgr. Tournyol du clos, I began to tear into small pieces all the books by Rosicrucian authors, all the books on numerology, palm reading, card reading, books on spiritualism by Allan Kardec and Leon Denis and books on the New Age such as H. Blavatsky or A. Bailey and books on occult sciences. I also removed from my library books by Paulo Coelho, Lopsang Rampa, Allan Kardec, Leon Denis, Gabriel Delanne, Annie Besant, Rudolf Steiner, Krishnamurti, Confucius, Encausse Gerard, Eliphas Levi, Khalil Gibran, Rene Guenon, Carl Jung, the Kabbal, the Bagavad gita, the Bardo Thodol, books on communicating with the angels linked to New Age…

(Msgr. Tournyol du Clos : Can one be freed from impure spirits? “If you came in contact with occultism, esoterism, spiritualism, astrology, sorcery, magic, hypnoticism, reiki, yoga, transcendental meditation, New Age and all kinds of sects; or again with pranotherapeutics, so called healers of magnetisors, who heal by imposition of the hands, magnetic passes or dowsing or pendulum ; if you paid visits to clairvoyants such as magi, diviners, marabouts, card readers; palmist who consult the spirits of the dead; know that you dealt with individuals who work with the devil and that you granted a certain power over you to Satan. If you yourselves attempted to know the future, even through tarot cards or horoscopes, if you carried good luck charms such as talismans, amulets, zodiac signs ; if you practiced – or had someone practice on you – occults potions, if you have pronounced formulas or repeated secret words such as mantras for example, finally if you frequented places corrupted by sorcery, vice or moral decay ; Furthermore, if You yourself have made a pact with Satan, were involved in magic, conjured up the dead, cast spells, proffered curses or blasphemies, you must fully realize that you have greatly offended our Father in heaven. Msgr. Tournyol du Clos invites us, through a thorough confession to ask God for forgiveness. These sins God holds as abominations. Even if these events are long past and if, at that time, we were not conscious of offending Him, we must ask God for forgiveness).

My dear Catholic friends, I got rid of all these books that do not come from God because as long as they were kept in my home, the demons dwelled there also. I tore and tossed them. Once Our Lady was enthroned in the house, calm returned to my home. I replaced the old books with the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the lives of the saints.

« More than ten times I received the sacrament of the sick »

After having received the sacrament of reconciliation many times, I met many priests who prayed over me to break the links caused by my dealing with esoteric studies. I, as well, received the sacrament of the sick more than ten times because I was in a critical state due to the opening of the chakras, (Satan’s dwelling place) which had destroyed my interior completely. The reception of the sacrament of the sick helped me to heal spiritually.

« My husband and I lived two years as brother and sister »

Dear brothers and sisters, I was so attracted by Jesus that, for two years, I spent all my afternoons in front of the tabernacle in a church close to home. Christ attracted me so strongly. At night, I would come home to find the man with whom I lived as with a brother.

« The souls in hell condemned themselves »

From that moment, I began to do the Stations of the Cross every day in order to free souls in purgatory. God asked me to continue this work of mercy and explained that purgatory was his mercy and hell his justice. So I said to God: “But it is you Lord who condemned the souls who are in hell”? He answered me: “The souls have condemned themselves.” God predestinates no one to go hell and He leaves the soul free to love Him or to love Satan! The soul chooses its eternity according to the life that it led on earth. God is Love! And He is such Love that He totally respects the freedom of the soul.

I decided that I would consecrate my life for the salvation of all the souls. Jesus encouraged me to do so.

One day He told me at 3.00 p.m.: “Implore my mercy for the souls”. “Pray to me through my Passion”. As I suffered because many of my friends were away from the Church, Jesus told me: “Never stop praying for them” and I assure you that I have never stopped praying for them because I truly love them. Furthermore, I know how the souls suffer in hell; for I myself lived through that kind of suffering. .If you only knew the destruction that occurs when the love of God has disappeared from a soul… we would destroy one another.

« Divorce and religious life »

One day, while listening to a cassette on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi, I was greatly touched by his extreme poverty. With my first spiritual father, a Dominican priest, we decided that I would leave home, that I would divorce since my marriage was not done before God, and so that I would be more in tune with the Catholic Church.

Upon my return from meeting with my spiritual father, the devil was bothering me in my interior by making me believe that I could remain in this situation. But God intervened and told me: “A hypocritical soul cannot move forward”.

I acknowledge that what God was telling me was true. Therefore I divorced. I then entered the Order of Clarissians nuns, which was a cloistered order. It was a time of grace. After fifteen months, I left the monastery and I followed God’s call who asked me to serve Him throughout the world by witnessing to his mercy. He told me: Listen to my voice.” “I want you to serve Me throughout the world”. I accepted as heaven was asking me to refuse nothing God had asked.

« Back to being with my parents »

For shelter, I returned to my parents’ place and began to work with many catholic editors. I recorded CDs of conferences that I gave on the Holy Spirit, on the souls in purgatory, on the dangers of New Age, on the Eucharist, and on the life of the saints and on Divine Mercy.

« I became engaged in the Catholic Church »

It is while speaking about the Divine Mercy that I met a man who was not previously married. Quickly, we were engaged but remained chaste. However, two months before the wedding, we separated because he was not the person I needed. God told me twice: “I want you body and soul”, but you know, I greatly resisted Him before surrendering to his Divine Will! The Blessed Virgin invited me to not allow a man into my heart so that I would only serve God in my mission of evangelization. .

« Mystical experience »

God then provided me with another mystical experience! My soul found itself in a deserted place. I was on a kind of platform and there was a path. I ventured on this path and found myself before a sea of fire in which there were souls. I found a hole with crackling fire inside. There was much flame. The damned were angry and very threatening when I looked at them and they responded: “We hate you”. Their hatred burned me and their disdain wounded my heart.

« The guru’s soul is in hell »

The guru who opened my chakras descended to this place of darkness upon his death. His soul was lost for eternity, because he had refused Jesus. He freely wanted to remain in his spiritual pride. He was a man who was deeply initiated into esoterism. He did not regret his faults. Therefore, God abandoned him to himself. God avoids proud souls. He told me that he loves souls that are little and humble! God showed me that this guru who is now in hell; a soul damned by God for having offended Him without repentance. Before his death, his guru worked on my soul to tempt me every second. I often hear him and Satan’s cry. However, they cannot now succeed in making me fall into the temptation with which they tempted me earlier in order to lose my soul. He does everything to damn me. The Blessed Virgin told me that I had to resist these diabolical suggestions to which I had often succumbed to.

It is because of the sacrament of confession that I can remain in his mercy. I have nothing against this damned soul for inciting me into temptations, as I well know, that such is the workings of the souls that are damned. They want to know nothing, neither of us nor of God. They would not exchange their suffering or their pain in order to go to heaven! Their mission is to hate and destroy; they lack in love. It is an unending torment. It is a devouring fire that devours their entrails. But they are damned by God because they did not want to love Him. They drag all the souls that they can into this place where hatred and destruction are always present! Everything is bitterness and their mission is to destroy souls.

« God’s grace suffices me »

If God left a sliver in my flesh as for Saint Paul, it is for me to fight and become a saint. His grace suffices me! I noticed that there are in this dark place certain souls that I had warned on the earth but they did not repent while still alive, some even mocked what I said. I don’t want to say more because it hurts me so much. Then God, in a severe tone, told me: “No longer bother with them” and I understood well that they were going to deal with God’s justice at the time of their judgment. My spiritual father told me to tell people that I meet: “I am not ordered to convince you, but only to inform you”.

« The souls in purgatory »

Then my soul found itself with both hands hanging on a wall. I saw that my soul had the same shape as that of my earthly body. I was in what seemed to be a huge grotto. Everything was dark. Suddenly great waves of brilliant light descended into the place where I was.

Above me, was purgatory, with very high flames. The souls that were in this state of purification were all united to the Divine Will. Their greatest suffering is to not yet see God face to face. They saw Him, on their particular judgment, in a light that is not yet that of heaven and have therefore kept a great yearning for God, but they do not wish to appear before Him with their blemishes.

They are being purified and they make amends for that for which they did not make amends for on the earth and many of them learn how to love. So I pray for them and in turn, they pray for the wretched one that I am and together, in the communion of saints, we help each other to be enlightened so that we can approach God without fear and without blemish.

The souls in purgatory became my beloved sisters, but I do not speak to them because God does not allow it. I simply pray so that they can help me in my mission of evangelization.

I saw many white steps that I quickly climbed and upon arriving at the top of the white staircase, a man dressed in red opened the door and then removed himself quickly.

Right then I entered into an ocean of peace where I felt a very strong presence of God the Father. He is the Source. He is a benevolent Father, filled with love and peace. His presence overwhelmed this ocean of peace. God the Father is very mild and loving and He told me without my being able to see Him: «I am a Father full of love for my children», «Do not sin».

I who only believed that God was a very severe father, finally became conscious of his great holiness. Even if God is love, mercy and justice, his greatest attribute however, is mercy. He said: « God is the Father ». So I call Him: “Father of Love”, “Dear Father”, and I thrust myself into his arms of love. And then I followed the path of spiritual childhood.

God thinks only of healing us and nursing our wounds. God is Love as the apostle Saint John taught us.

« I saw Jesus in heaven »

I then saw Jesus in heaven surrounded by a beautiful golden light. It was beautiful. My soul felt great peace and a great desire to come to Him. I would have liked to remain near the Son of God, It felt so good.

I also saw my grandfather and my grandmother who were very peaceful. My grandmother was indeed, beautiful, very bright in appearance and looked like someone who was 30 years old.

« I carried within me all the sins that I had not confessed »

During this spiritual experience, I carried all the sins that I had not yet confessed, which made me suffer much. To remedy that, I go to confession every week so that I would not have to confront them during the particular judgment of my soul at the hour of my death.

« God opened my interior »

God showed me my interior and made me see that, before returning to Him, I had refused his mercy ; At that time in my life, my heart was hardened and He told me: « I cannot enter a cold and proud heart ».

He had me see all my thoughts that were not in his Love, all my participation with evil, all my ill feelings, my criticisms and judgments of others. He told me: « I know all your thoughts». « Beware of judging others». « Do not accuse them». I can assure you that I was an expert in that field.

These were the wounds that made me bitter toward my brothers and sisters and God made me see that I was not better than Judas! He also told me: « You have to love». But as I was of a cruel nature, He asked me as well, to drop the acts of cruelty. I then grasped the goodness of the Lord Jesus and from that instant on, in my soul I felt the infinite kindness and tenderness of God.

It was only after many years of continued suffering and persecutions that Jesus transformed my possessed soul into that of an apostle for his glory. He then asked me to imitate Him only and to travel like Saint Paul.

For many years, Jesus had me make circuits in Europe, America, Africa, various islands and in Asia. Little by little, He widened the mission according to his Will and He opens doors according to his good pleasure.

« Jesus : beware of fear »

It happened a few times that I was afraid of being persecuted. So God told me: «Beware of fear» !

It is true that my enemies fell, broken, at the feet of the merciful Christ. I have many enemies who tried to destroy my testimony but in fact, I call them friends because, through the interior martyrdom that I sustain, they open the doors of heaven for me and I pray for their liberation.

I know very well that if they attack me, they are infested by impure spirits and by the Beast that keeps them bound. So I pity them and offer my suffering for their salvation. Such is the role of the prophet! To save his persecutors! Each time that I go to a different country, The Holy Spirit takes away all my fears and anguish, so much so that I feel only peace, the peace of Christ!

« The grace of interior silence »

Dear brothers and sisters, often times my soul went to the bottom of the abyss for having joked with people instead of maintaining silence. Speech is a great gift of God. It is creative and each word carries a consequence.

The Virgin Mary and God asked me to be silent in my interior because my words had condemned me to hell, so much so that I accepted to give cause, choices and consequence of all these words to God so that He can help me to make reparation with his graces.

If we make reparation through silence, we obtain mercy. I received the following order: “Silence and prayers”. I then understood what Jesus meant when He said: “When you say “yes”, let it be a yes, when you say “no” let it be a no. Anything more than that comes for the Evil One.” (Matt. 5::37)

« My words had condemned me »

God showed me in my interior that all the idle words I pronounced were in fact from the devil himself. He, the evil one, spoke within me and not God. Jesus gave us a grave warning: “I tell you: on the day of judgment, men will render an account for every careless word they will have spoken.” (Matt. 12: 36)

This word of God resounded in my heart and since then I watch what I say and maintain silence as much as possible. In fact, I do not want my soul to be condemned forever to hell because of improper words that I did pronounce.

« Virgin Mary: I will always be your advocate before God »

Under His benevolent gaze, God has put into my soul the love of justice. At the judgment, the Blessed Virgin was also there and she told me that she would always be my advocate before God. She told me that she was my Mother above all, just as God told me that He was my Father above all.

« God has unceasingly nourished me with his graces »

The power of God penetrated me so deeply so that the eyes of my soul would be opened and there, light shone on my entire life from my birth to the moment of this supernatural meeting with God. I felt the love of God strongly within me.

As well, I experienced his holy tenderness and all that He had done for me in my life for my conversion. He unceasingly nourished me with his graces and did everything to save me.

Unceasingly, He placed people in my path, people who helped me to make a true and passionate encounter with Him.

« All my actions were judged »

All my actions were judged and that is what I am witnessing today. By witnessing, I obtained forgiveness for my faults and I repaired the wrong I did against God by my life of impurity. All the good I did gave me much joy and peace. However, all the evil I did immersed me in a bitter sadness. I was shown everything.

I saw before me all those who suffered because of me and all those who made me suffer; my family, my friends, my teachers, my school friends, and my superiors.

Through this experience we see everything and we feel the pain that others have felt because of our actions what the others did to us. A great desire for reparation rose up in me.

« Ask for freedom from evil »

Then I saw myself within a big serpent. It was in me. God then told me: “Do penance.”

Satan had put his fire and energy into me through my adhering to esoterism and spiritualism. Within this serpent I found the souls of the damned that he had held within Him. The Blessed Virgin ordered me to ask the evil one that had entered into me to set me free, which I did. Since this warning, I have said many prayers to set me free and break these bonds.

Surrounding this serpent, I saw demons unceasingly attack my heart through diabolical suggestions and the Blessed Virgin Mary told me that I had to resist Satanic evil. The serpent had condemned me because I adored him. That meant that I had within me the love of power, of money and sexual and culinary pleasure. God reproached me one day when I was in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament that was exposed. He told me: “Be satisfied”.

« My love is within you »

Because of that, I also saw the gifts that God had placed within me at the time of my confirmation and He told me: « My Love is in you”.

I saw all the love that I did not give to others during my life and suffered much for it. The Blessed Virgin then invited me to give more love to my neighbour.

« I know your thoughts »

I saw the smallest details of all my thoughts, especially those that were not love for my neighbour. In my life, I had much disdain, having been very much wounded in my childhood. God told me: “I know all your thoughts”. In the light of God all our thoughts are brought forth. Though I had confessed them, I heard them because God had them come forth from my interior through the power of the Holy Spirit. I then asked Him to have mercy on me. I gave all these thoughts to Him to help me transform them into thoughts of love and compassion for my brothers and sisters. I gave Him all the consequences of my thoughts as only He can repair them in truth for my justification. We cannot imagine the power of one negative thought. I had nourished thoughts of envy, of destruction, of vengeance, of cheating, of sloth.

« My refusals to forgive sank me into the abyss »

As the mystical experience continued, I often saw myself sink into the abyss because of my refusals to forgive, and because of my stubbornness to keep on thinking about people that God had asked me to avoid.

In my youth, Lucifer often blinded me with movie stars or with people that were physically beautiful but deep down they were snakes.

After my first confession, I can assure you that I saw my interior as that of Judas. In fact I worshipped idols and I broke the first commandment.

« Satan hates priests »

I sometimes sank into the abyss because of ill feelings towards certain priests who had never been good to me. The Blessed Virgin forewarned me. Then I began to pray a lot for them. Priests are the sons of predilection of the Virgin Mary. You have to pray a lot for them.

In the interior vision given to me by God, I see God’s eyes that are pure love and kindness and I see the eyes of Satan that are hateful and envious. If you only knew how Satan hates priests. Why? Simply because it is thanks to them that we can receive the sacraments. They give us God’s life.

« My judgments and condemnations »

He then showed me my judgments and condemnations which I held towards others, so much so that each time I judged or condemned someone, my soul condemned itself along with these people. A soul is only on good terms with God when in love. And Jesus told me: “Remain in my Love”. I then understood the great commandment: “Love your neighbour as yourself”. (Matt. 19,19)

« The sins of our senses »

When it came to the examination of my sins which I had committed with my eyes, how sad it was for my soul to know that God had seen me watch impure movies. I then knew the damage that impure spirits had inflicted upon my soul. I felt much pain and the Blessed Virgin asked me to resist Satan by not watching television and I offered it to her as a sacrifice. I sinned much with my eyes by looking at certain people and desiring them! God then told me: “Do not desire them” and I understood the 9th commandment of God’s law: “You shall not have a willful impure desire”. My soul suffered equally for having read certain articles in worldly magazines and by reading horoscopes.

I therefore had to face my own gazes, gazes that were haughty, mocking, hateful and stern.

When it came to examining the sins which I had committed by hearing, what sadness I felt knowing the bad conversations which I had had.

« You are an accuser soul »

I did see all my words, even those I pronounced within me: against God, against my neighbour and myself, my unkind remarks, my dark humour, my lies, my blasphemies, my insults, my hurts, my insolences, my slanders, my accusations.

When I relived in my interior these various accusations against my brothers and myself, Jesus showed me my soul in the process of accusing others and myself. I was playing the role of God’s enemy. Then God told me: “Do not accuse them” then “Do not accuse yourself before Me”. I was accusing myself before God of the sins that I had committed while God had already erased them during confession. In fact, I was playing the role of the devil which is to accuse other souls and God told me: “You are a soul that accuses”. I learned to ask for forgiveness.

« Follow the example of the little ones »

God also showed me that I condemned myself every time I obstinately thought about people that do not live in God’s Will. On earth, there is the army of God. These beings are stamped with God’s seal, the seal of the elect. He told me: “Follow the example of the little ones”. The little ones are those who give their yes to the Love and who do God’s Will by submitting willfully to the divine commandments.

There are also the children of the no who refuse love and mercy. They refuse to live the commandments that God gave us. These people are stamped with the seal of Satan, the 666. They live in the state of mortal sin. God suffers much for these souls who refuse to honour Him and He makes me feel his pain that is terrible. God loves them so much. God does not predestinate anyone to hell; for that, you have to have a willful aversion of God (a mortal sin), and persist in it to the end. In the Eucharistic liturgy and in its daily prayers of the faithful, the Church begs the mercy of God because God does not want anybody to perish, but rather that all ask for forgiveness. (The Lord does not delay his promise, as some regard “delay”; but He is patient with us, not wishing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance.” 2 Pet. 3: 9)

« You shall have no other gods before me »

« During my mystical experience, I saw how I offended God by disobeying the first commandment, « You shall have no other gods before Me… » I had many New Age idols and I adored a God other than the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as I explained before.

« My evil feelings, my fears and my evil gestures »

With my interior now being opened with divine permission, I carried the weight of all the evil feelings that damaged me and my neighbour; my indifferences: my bitterness, my pride, my greed, my anger, my impurity, my jealousy, my selfishness, my feelings of superiority, my disdain, my arrogance and my taste for power.

Then followed the examination of all my fears. Fear is not from God. It is the enemy of God that kept me in fear and anguish. I understood what Jesus told me: “The devil maintains you in fear”.

As I was filled with fear, the Blessed Virgin told me: “When you are afraid, come into my arms” and she said these words: “My dear child, give me your nothingness, give me your all, I love you. I am your mother and I want to lead you on the path to paradise. Consecrate to me your thoughts, your actions, your days, I will know how to take you into my arms and console you. Promise me to always think of me by reciting the holy Rosary. Do not forget me. I love you so”.

I was also shown the evil deeds that I performed in my life and for which Satan kept me bound. God told me: « You are punished because of these evil deeds” and that is why I am to do penance. These evil actions were numerous; against God, against my neighbour and myself, such as domination, manipulations, revolt, abuses of alcohol and drugs, and lack of sharing.

As I had committed many sins of impurity with my hands and body, I was engulfed in gehenna. Then Jesus, in his infinite kindness told me: “You bathe in my blood”. The Precious Blood extinguished in me the hatred that Satan had placed there.

« The liking of joking »

I felt much pain knowing that I offended God with my words. I often joked with others and even with God; I used words in poor taste, I criticized everything and even spoke to God without kindness towards others. So much so that God told me: “Don’t laugh at them. Don’t joke with me. Shut up. « Shut up » meant to no longer joke around because

God is threefold holy and we must not offend Him even by just a small sin.

« My mundane spirit »

As I continued in this supernatural experience, I was shown my vanity and my worldly spirit. I was proud by nature, loving luxury, great restaurants, beautiful wardrobe, make-up, expensive perfumes, hair colouring, and as long as I did not return to the natural look, my soul suffered. The Blessed Virgin asked me to be humble, to remain natural and to ignore myself and Jesus told me: “Take hold of poverty”.

« My disobediences and rebellions »

As for my acts disobedience, I saw all these acts in review right from childhood. Those that struck me most were those dealing with my parents.

These brought about many negative consequences in my life. For a time I had forgotten the divine precepts “Honour your father and your mother, that you may have a long life on earth which the Lord your God, is giving you.” (Ex 20: 12)

Although we owe obedience to our parents, we must not make idols out of them. I loved my mother very much and fawned upon her. That was the sin of idolatry which I had committed; for that, my soul suffered for a certain time in the crater of fire. “I held my mother as an example instead of choosing the Blessed Virgin as my model; when I was delivered from that sin, the Lord Jesus told me: “Imitate Me only”, “Do not become attached to anyone”.

God also showed me my interior rebellions. Each time that I rebelled against his Will, I saw my soul in the abyss and I began to threaten God as do the demons. I had to repent and submit to his Divine Will by obeying my spiritual father.

« You do not desire Me enough »

My soul was also examined concerning the Eucharist. A few times when I did not pay sufficient attention to the Real Presence of Jesus upon receiving Him in communion I realized of the indifference that I had towards Jesus. However, God showed me that He was happy that I received Him by kneeling and receiving Him directly in the mouth. Personally, I never receive Jesus in the hands for the following reason.

When we receive Christ in the hand, there are always particles from the host that remain in the hands and these are sometimes invisible to the naked eye. These consecrated particles are also the Body of Christ. If you but rub your hands, these particles fall on the ground and we could walk on them. Finally, I told myself that if I walked on these particles, I would be profaning the Body of Christ. And it is so at each mass. That is why, in order to avoid that, I studied the instructions on the Vatican site, “Redemptionis Sacramentum” pertaining to certain things to follow and to avoid concerning the Holy Eucharist (Congregation for the Divine Worship and Discipline for the Sacraments – : Number 92 states : Although each of the faithful has a right to receive Holy Communion on the tongue, at his choice,(178) if any communicant should receive the Sacrament in the hand, in areas where the Bishops’ Conference with the ‘recognitio’ of the Apostolic See has given permission, the sacred host is to be administered to him or her. However, special care should be taken to ensure that the host is consumed by the communicant in the presence of the minister, so that no one goes away carrying the Eucharistic species in his hand. It there is a risk of profanation, then Holy Communion should not be given in the hand to the faithful. (179). Number-93 states: The Communion-plate for the Communion of the faithful should be retained, so as to avoid the danger of the sacred host or some fragment of it falling. (180) Number 94 states: It is not licit for the faithful « to take… by themselves….and, still less, to hand…from one to another the sacred host or the sacred chalice”. (181) Moreover, in this regard, the abuse is to be set aside whereby spouses administer Holy Communion to each other at a Nuptial mass. Number 104 states: The communicant must not be permitted to intinct the host himself in the chalice, nor to receive the intincted host in the hand. As for the host to be used for the intinction, it should be made of a valid matter, also consecrated, it is altogether forbidden to use non-consecrated bread or other matter. Number 157 states: If there is usually present a sufficient numbe of sacred ministers for the distribution of Holy Communion, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion may not be appointed. Indeed, in such circumstances, those who may have already been appointed to this ministry should not exercise it. The practice of the Priests is reprobated who, even though present at the celebration, abstain from distributing Communion and hand this function over to laypersons. (258)

Dear brothers and sisters, after having learned all this, Christ reproached me for not desiring Him enough. Since then, I desire his Holy Presence which is so gentle. I pay attention to having to make a good confession before receiving communion.

I then understood how many spiritually dead persons there are in the world as so many receive communion without confessing their sins. At the hour of judgment, they will see the fires of hell in their soul for having neglected the sacrament of reconciliation.

Sometimes I was distracted during mass, I looked at people or would talk to someone. I often had thoughts about enjoying good food or sexual thoughts.. God also showed me all my sins which I committed inside the church, especially speaking during adoration, then God told me: “Adore and shut up.”

« My hypocrisy towards God and the poor »

I also saw all my hypocritical acts, especially those towards God; I had taken the vow of chastity, but I often had adulterous thoughts.

I also had to face my duplicity against those who are poor and what a shame it was for me to want to buy a house while so many poor people suffer from hunger. God showed me that I had an unoccupied room in an apartment that my sister let me use while one of my friends did not even have a room for herself.

My souls felt all the accounts I was to render before God for all the money I had acquired during my life and that I spent uselessly. Jesus said: “Share, my daughter”. Then I wanted to give everything to the poor but the Virgin Mary told me that it was not necessary to divest myself of everything. I therefore kept what was strictly necessary and gave the rest to the needy. I did it out of love, not out of fear.

« My various contempts »

When the time came for the examination of my interior workings and hardness of heart towards God and my self, I ascertained that I was too severe and cruel and Jesus complained telling me: “You do not love yourself”. He suffered for me. Since then, with his graces, He taught me to love myself. When God showed me all my disdains, I saw my ugly self in my interior. It was all about the sight of my soul; then He told me: “Drop your disdain”, “Think only of loving”. He showed me that Satan had filled me with disdain.

Examining my interior, I could see fire surrounding my soul which I saw with the eyes of my soul. When I close my eyes, I always see this fire. Heaven taught me that this fire is the fire of purgatory because I must still purify myself with all kinds of trials.

« My wickedness and my jealousies »

God also showed me my wickedness and my jealousies. He told me: “Your wickedness is great”. Then He asked me to be good, to divest myself and to renounce myself. During my life, I often behaved badly with certain people, especially men. Since I my heart was wounded after my first love went sour, who was my cousin and on top of that a homosexual, I therefore made those who followed suffer. I remained very bitter. I cried so much over love that it made Jesus suffer. I understood that God sympathized with our suffering when He said: “You cry too much my child.”

I offer my moral suffering for the salvation of my cousin so that God will free him from homosexuality and give him the grace to live chastely. “Do not be deceived; neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor depraved, nor homosexuals… will inherit the Kingdom of God.” (I Cor. 6 : 9-10)

I saw the consequence of my sins of jealousy. In the abyss, my soul wanted to kill the person against whom I had committed this sin. It was horrible. I wanted to pull the hair from the head of that person. The capital or mortal sins had transformed me into a live beast and I could see myself killing the other one. I was killing myself by getting right to my heart with a knife. It was truly horrible to see what hate can do in one’s heart.

« Beware of your company »

God also showed me my sins that I committed when in company of certain people.

Given that some of them had a very negative attitude, He told me: “Beware of the company you keep”, not that He did not love these souls, as He loves them all, but because He wanted to protect me from their actions. He told me: “No longer defile your self”. I had in fact defiled myself with many of these people. I had many homosexual friends. For their eternal salvation, God asked them to practice chastity. If they do not regret this abominable sin in the eyes of God, eternal suffering is awaiting them in the pits of torture where the demons will make them suffer forever.

« Eat well but not too much »

God also purified me concerning my appetite for good food. He asked me to eat properly because I had very poor eating habits. He even counseled me to eat less meat, which did not mean that I was not to eat meat at all. His advice was: “Eat well but not too much”. I acknowledge that I was eating too much. He even warned me to not eat too much during Lent. I once again saw some of my sins of gluttony especially when during my youth I indulged in eating a lot of sweets. So God asked me to eat reasonably. God does not want abuse.

« The evil I committed »

Finally God showed me all that was not love in me. Some of my prayers were done without love. So I promised to make reparation by loving more.

I lived and relived all the evil that I did to my neighbour and I suffered a great deal for it. So I cried out to God and told Him: “Jesus, have pity on me, Have pity on the great sinner that I am”. And He answered me: “You are fully my Joy” and I told Him: “All those whom I have caused to stumble in my life, from now on, I will pray for them and have masses celebrated so that one day we can be reunited in paradise”. And there, like for Zacchaeus, salvation entered my soul. (Luke, 19)

« Jesus came into me so as to mend with his graces the errors of my way »

I then gave Jesus of love all my bad choices and their consequences and He Himself came to redeem in me my own errors with his graces and his love. He told Me: ‘I can do all”. God is almighty. You only have to give Him everything; to surrender everything to Him. God is Love with a capital L. Human love is but a reflection of divine love, just as human tenderness is but a reflection of the divine tenderness. I again cried out to Him: “Heal me, Lord, heal me Father of Love”! I can’t imagine telling Jesus that He did not love me enough! But I did!

He immediately answered me: “You cannot imagine how much I love you. I call you to holiness, I call you to love Me! Meditate on my Passion”! Reading and meditation of the Passion of Christ led me to reflect on the great sacrifice the Lord made on the wood of the cross for the forgiveness of my sins. It is out of love for my soul that God let Himself be judged and accused. I told myself that Jesus is all love and mercy. He suffered blows from his tormentors because of my sins of the flesh. What a love on the part of the creator to save his creation. Such is the folly of God. I assure you that I was ashamed of telling God that He did not love me enough. Jesus was all forgiveness for me as soon as I repented.

« The love of Our Lady »

It is the Blessed Virgin who helped me a lot to get closer to God. She taught me silence, she taught me to surrender and she helped form my spiritual life. I thank her also that by my praying the rosary, she freed me from demons that oppressed me. I made a covenant with her and that is why I wear a ring on my finger.

In addition to my consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I freely wanted to don the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; by this grace the Blessed Virgin Mary protected me from many dangers. I wear it day and night. The scapular emits such a light that Satan cannot take possession of the soul that wears it, provided that the person lives in the state of grace. One day, I knew of a soul that received the blessed scapular and who was struggling at the hour of death. That soul refused to keep it on her and at the moment when she presented herself before God, the devil brought her to hell. Her disdain caused her damnation. Had she humbly kept the scapular around her neck, she would have been saved.

« A God of tenderness »

I who knew a cosmic God in esoterism, an energy God, I can certainly testify that it is in the Catholic Church that I encountered a God of tenderness whose heart melts with love for each one of us. When I had this encounter of Love with Jesus, I found the true peace of the heart. When Jesus had me live the illumination of my conscience, I saw my soul appearing very ugly because of the mortal sins I had committed and, I thought that God would never want to see me. I was surprised when He told me: “You are my great beauty”! It was about my soul! What joy to know that one is loved by God as we are with all our wretchedness. God is truly Love and our Father.

« The Church is holy »

I who thought that the Church was an archaic institution with rigorous dogmas, finally realized that the Church is holy, it is Love with a capital L and that without it and its priests, I could not enter heaven.

So the Church has become for me as a benevolent mother. I then understood the Love of Jesus who founded it on Saint Peter, the first Pope; when I look at Pope Francis, I see in him all the Love of Christ for his children.

I see in him the Love of a Father and I began to really love the Church and pray for it and its consecrated ones. Oftentimes, Jesus of love had me know the depth of his Heart into which I was transported so as to rest there in his exquisite tenderness and his unequalled sweetness.

« Prayer »

Therefore, to thank God for his great kindness, I recite the Rosary daily because He promised me that, through the prayer of the Rosary, He would save me. One day, while I was praying the Rosary, He added: “I pray for your deliverance” and I understood that God was within me to battle the power of the serpent.

I also pray the Saint Michael the Archangel chaplet to the nine choirs of angels, and I finish my day by reciting this very effective short prayer that is an act of love: “Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls”.

God promised Sister Consolata Betrone, a capuchin religious, whose cause for beatification was opened in 1995, that each time we recite this prayer with a sincere heart, “Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls” a soul is saved for eternity.

« I gave my « Yes » to God »

I told Jesus: « I give you my Yes, as I would like for all souls to know your burning heart of love. I give you all my past choices and their consequences so that You, the Love, will ignite them in your Fire of tenderness and in the flames of your Mercy”.

« Mass and the Body of Christ »

While receiving communion of the Body of Christ I felt the mildness of the Heart of Jesus, and one day He completely took possession of me. I was engulfed by an indescribable mildness. It was a delight for my soul. Unfortunately it did not last.

As I know the important of attending Holy Mass, I participate in it every day. I have great respect for God’s ministers, to whom this great power was given during their reception of the sacrament of Ordination.

(See following reply post)
« My guardian angel »

Here, dear brothers and sisters, is the witnessing of a soul that is very poor, very weak, very miserable: a soul that God has called to glorify Him and to honour Him.

I never learned theology, but the Holy Spirit instructed me and told me: “I consecrated you to serve me, awaken you brothers”. So I witnessed in and out of season for many years with the assistance of my guardian angel. I saw my angel in my interior. He is very tall. I call him my angel of love.

« The terror of hell »

I know what hell is and the tortures it brings since I lived it in my soul; I wish for the salvation of all souls, the good and the evil, without exception. I have masses celebrated for them, and for whom I pray and fast. God shed his Spirit on all flesh.

The hardest part of living in my interior as I had descended into the abyss was the fact that I could no longer love God and my neighbour. I no longer felt love for them. I can tell you at this time while I am writing this witnessing, I still cry in my interior because when one is deprived of the Love of God, of his Holy Presence, it is truly a torment. God asked to make many sacrifices for my brothers and sisters and to cry with Him for their salvation. I saw Him cry for the souls.

« The particular judgment »

When I will appear before God for the particular judgment of my soul, I will be accountable for the conversion of the souls that I met in the course of my evangelization throughout the world. These souls, by the thousands, were called by God the Father, from country to country, to come and hear my witnessing. If you are reading this testimony today, my only hope is that one day we will all be gathered in heaven. I do not believe in chance

Dear brothers and sisters, you will all, at the hour of your death, appear before God for your particular judgment. That is why I hope that this witnessing will help you to be enlightened. God’s mercy can change all the hearts. You know, my heart which God healed was affected and I told Him: “Lord Jesus, my Saviour and my God, I want to do my purgatory on earth so that, at my death, you can carry me to your Sacred Heart”. Therefore, let us trust and tell Jesus: “Jesus, I trust in you”. If God healed the greatest sinner on the earth that I am, well then everybody can be saved. No sin will exhaust the great mercy of God and the more we draw from the mercy of God, the more the mercy increases. The greater the sinner, the more he has a right to God’s mercy! Whoever trusts in God’s mercy, will obtain it.

« Faithful to my mission »

Even if I often hear the demon say: « Evil will catch up to you, you will be mine », I remain confident in the power of the Most Holy Trinity that protects me, as long as I remain faithful to God’s commandments and to the mission God has given me.

I wrote five booklets since my conversion that have been approved by the Catholic Church. I obtained the imprimatur and nihil obstat in 2009.

This, dear friends is the witnessing of a miserable soul; a soul loved by God and a soul that found itself to be a spouse of Christ through the total gift of herself. I go about the world for the greater glory of Jesus just as He asked me. By witnessing, I obtain the mercy of God.

At the beginning of my conversion, the most Blessed Virgin warned me that my inner healing would take a long time.

Mother Mary, saw me suffer while visiting many countries for the greater glory of God. She did tell me something very special: “At your death, I will carry you to paradise” and then added “Prophet of the end times, rise up”, meaning that she invited me to witness throughout the world for better or for worse so that many souls could return to God. However, a year ago, I rebelled in my interior and I wanted to stop witnessing. The Blessed Virgin Mary then warned me that I could damn myself if I stopped witnessing. I then understood the word that Jesus left us: “But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved” (Mk. 13: 13). Yes, you have to hang in right to the end in order to be saved.

« The microchip, the mark of the Beast »

In order to get to heaven, one will have to have the strength to refuse the microchip that is the mark of the Beast, without which no one will be able to buy of sell. I speak of it because God made me know that I had to. He even told me that I should not fear speaking about it.

Those who will take it out of fear of losing their goods or their money will not gain everlasting paradise. Satan will have marked them with his seal, the number 666, (Rev. 13: 16-18: “It will force all the people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given a stamped image on their right hands or their foreheads, so that no one could buy or sell except the ones who had the stamped image of the beast’s name or the number that stood for its name. Wisdom is needed here; one should understands and calculate the number of the beast, for it is a number that stands for a person. His number is six hundred and sixty-six”) ; ( Rev. 14 : 9-10 « A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice : « Anyone who worships the beast or its image, or accepts its mark on forehead or hand will also drink the wine of God’s fury, poured full strength into the cup of his wrath, and will be tormented in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb.”)

God calls us to faith and to trust in his Providence. God will send his angels to protect us for all eternity for those who will refuse to take the mark of the Beast. God will provide his People all that they will need.

However, know that those who want to be marked with God’s seal must observe the ten commandments of God; one must be pure, charitable, poor, sharing and obedient to the Church. (Rev. 7: 3) “Do not damage the land or the sea or the trees until we put the seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God”.

« The attacks of the devil »

The devil attacked me many times and he told me.: « My hatred will kill you », « I will ruin all your efforts », “I will destroy everything you do », « I hate you », « I watch your every step », « I will kill you soon ». I answered him that only God is Master of life and death. He spies on all my actions and gestures. I also hear him defy the Blessed Virgin Mary by telling her: ”Mary, I have a hold on all of them”. He speaks to her for he knows that she suffers and sheds tears of blood for each of her children that the Lord gave her at the foot of the cross. However, she robs many souls from the devil thanks to prayers, fasting and sacrifices made by many good souls. It is she who taught me the love of fasting that I practice three times a week, on bread and water. I personally do not fear the devil because Jesus is always victorious when we trust Him. Even if the devil is strong as he has the power of an archangel, Saint Michael has already overcome him.

God had me hear Satan’s suffering in hell and had me understand the level of his anger. He suffers terribly because he will never be able to contemplate the divine Majesty face to face, and this causes his despair. I noticed that when I ask people to go to confession, he begins howling with pain. God told me: “The devil is afraid of you”.

One day I was headed for Africa to try to evangelize the entire diocese. I felt the devil trembling with fright as he knew that I was going to enlighten many souls and that these souls would turn to God’s mercy. I even heard the demons saying: “We hate her. We fear her”. When the devil would lash out at my soul, God would tell me: “The martyrdom of the soul is for the glory of God” and He invited me to rest in his heart. When the battles are too difficult, then I understand that I suffer so that many souls can one day enter the kingdom of heaven.

« My last mystical experience »

I would like to finish by sharing another mystical experience that God brought to my attention recently.

By closing my eyes and looking into my past, my soul saw a dark spot in the darkness and a few seconds later, my soul rejoiced at seeing people in heaven, happy, in a bright light. They were very active and seemed happy. I was touched by their kindness and their joy. That gave me even a greater urge to want to go to paradise and live in that beautiful light.

« My encounter with the Merciful Jesus »

For the success of my mission, I began to recite the Divine Mercy chaplet daily at 3.00 p.m. I experienced a true love encounter with the Merciful Jesus. I could no longer leave Him. I fell so much in love with the Merciful Jesus that in 2003, with the approval of the Catholic Church, I created a network of traveling icons. This network, that made its way through many countries, is comprised of scenes of the Merciful Jesus. These icons travel from family to family for a duration of nine days.

Then, I began to record conferences that I gave about the message of Divine Mercy to Saint Faustina. You surely know the words of the Divine Mercy taken from the diary of Sister Faustina Kowalska (now Saint Faustina).

« I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces to the fountain of mercy.. That vessel is this image with the signature: « Jesus I trust in you ». (PD 327)

« By means of this Image I shall be granting many graces to souls; so, let every soul have access to it ». (PD 570)

« I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish ». (PD 48)

« I also promise victory over [its] enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I Myself will defend it as My own glory ». (PD 48)

« The two rays denote Blood and Water. The pale ray stands for the Water which makes souls righteous. the red ray stands for the Blood which is the life of the souls… » (PD 299)

« These two rays issued forth from the very depths of My tender mercy when My agonized Heart was opened by a lance on the Cross ». (PD 299)

The Divine Mercy chaplet

Beginning: Our Father. Hail Mary. I believe in God

– On the larger beads of the Our Father (once): Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. In atonement for our sins and the sins of the whole world

– On the smaller beads of the Hail Mary: (10 times) : For the sake of his sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

– At the end (3 times): Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world. (PD476)

Promises of the Lord to those who recite this chaplet

« Oh! What great graces I will grant to souls who say this chaplet (…) Write down these words, my daughter. Speak to the world about my mercy; let all mankind recognize my unfathomable mercy. It is a sign for the end times; after it will come the day of justice. While there is still time, let them have recourse to the fount of my mercy; let them profit from the blood and water which gushed forth for them.” (PD 848)

« My daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet which I have given to you. It pleases me to grant everything they ask of me by saying the chaplet. When hardened sinners say it, I will fill their souls with peace, and the hour of their death will be a happy one.” (PD 1541)

«At the hour of their death, I defend as my own glory every soul that will say this chaplet; or when others say it for a dying person, the pardon is the same. When this chaplet is said by the bedside of a dying person, God’s anger is placated, unfathomable mercy envelops the soul…” (PD 811)

Jesus told Saint Faustina : I send you to the whole of humanity with my mercy. I do not want to punish the entire wounded humanity, but I desire to heal it by clasping it to my merciful heart…

While it is still time, let mankind have recourse to the source of my mercy, for them to benefit of the Blood and Water that gushed for them.

I want to pour out my inconceivable graces on the souls that trust in my mercy.

Let them approach this sea of mercy with great confidence: sinners will obtain justification and the just will be confirmed in the good.

The one who has placed his trust in my mercy, at the hour of death, I will fill his soul with my divine peace.

The graces of my mercy are drawn with the help of a unique means and that is trust.

The greater the trust, the more the soul receives.

Souls with boundless trust are a great joy to me, as I pour in their soul the entire treasure of my graces.

I rejoice that they ask for much, as it is my desire to give much and abundantly.

The soul that trusts in my mercy is the happiest as I personally take care of it. Not one soul that calls upon my mercy has been deceived nor has experienced shame.

« Conclusion »

Do you know why Christ chose me to be a witness of his mercy. Because on earth, He did not find a greater wretch and a greater sinner than me. I led a hypocritical life, but Christ called me to circle the globe for the salvation of souls! That is why He healed me in order to glorify Him and called me to love Him. He told me: “Be a witness to my mercy and carry my Love to the world”.

I recently evangelized two dioceses with the permission of the local bishop. It was a joy for me to share my witnessing to many thousands of Catholics. As well, I gave away many holy pictures of the merciful Jesus which contained the chaplet of the Divine Mercy. A few years ago, the Lord asked me to do all that I could for this task.

God told me that I would evangelize all my life; that He would open doors but that I would always be attacked by Satan. He requested that I not refuse anything that is asked by Jesus and Mary who presently appear to messengers all over the world, in order to save and as many souls as possible.

God placed his fire in me and that fire leads me to go to different parts of the world and to adhere to the truth. I will only stop on the day of my death… Recently, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was an elect. I was filled with joy because I knew that many were called but few chosen…

Dear brothers and sisters, let us be witnesses of Christ and the martyrs for his glory. He needs martyrs of the end times in order to gather the elect. Do you want to go to heaven one day? Then, be a witness to what God has done for you in your life and you will thus obtain mercy.

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. (Matt. 5: 7) When the book of life will open before the eyes of your soul, on the day of your particular judgment, you will have joy if you have given much to God, by praying, by making sacrifices and evangelizing for the salvation of souls. (“All the inhabitants of the earth will worship it, all whose names were not written from the foundation of the world in the book of life, which belongs to the Lamb who was slain” (Rev. 13: 8)

May the dear Holy Spirit fill you with his divine peace and his divine joy as He has done for me. He asked me to carry his love and his peace to the world. I have done so according to his Word.

Blessed be Jesus Christ !

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