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By Angelica
Back again... to ask for prayers for my son Christopher. I spoke to him last night as I knew he was looking at moving to another apartment and wanted to know how it was going for him. I kept saying to God, "If this is not the right place for him, please do not permit for this to happen." (Mother's intuition) It's a beautiful complex with all the right amenities however, it is right above some businesses one of which would be directly below his apartment. It is a restaurant that makes crepes. Anyway, I've been a little uneasy about it, but not sure why. When I spoke to him he told me the good friend of his that was going to share the apartment did not sign his part of the lease & has taken a single apartment instead. My son does not want to spend all his money on an apartment so now he needs to find another apartment near his work that's affordable and find a new roommate as well. My husband and another son are going down to see Christopher over Memorial Day weekend & I'm hoping that all things will come together in Christopher's best interest & that my husband & son will be able to help him move to another place. Chris was rather devastated that someone he considered a very good friend would do this to him at the last minute. They've been discussing this for months. Very sad to see how people consider themselves only and are dishonest and not loyal to anyone but themselves. Hoping for a very good roommate for him. Thanks so much. Will update!
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By Angelica
Update: Within a few hours of posting this, my son contacted me to tell him he found a beautiful beautiful single bed apartment and it's in walking distance to his job. My husband and 2nd son did go down & help him to move into his new space. He's very happy.
Thank you everyone who offered prayers. God Bless
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By beloved
Thank you for the updates Angelica, keeping you all in my prayers.

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