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By leo daly
On our pilgrimage, the priest accompanying us mentioned that when Our Lady asked us to read Matthew every thursday, part of the message is to consider the lillies of the field. In this we think about how they dont worry about anything because God provides for them and we are much greater than they so god provides more for us.
Therefore we dont have to worry about stockpiling for the 3 days of darkness etc, God will look after us. Also Our Lady has said that anyone who prays and fasts has no need to worry about the future.
During the pilgrimage he made another reference to the bible and the passage he quoted really sounds like a reference to Medj. Sadly I didnt get to write down the ref but will do so when I get back to sydney in 2 weeks. You can see refs to Cross Mt and various other things.
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By Aud
Leo, in your last paragraph, you said "he". Who is "he"?

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By Pippy
Auddie, I think he means the priest who he was referring to who said about why we should read that specific chpt. in Matt. Pip :D
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By starbright
It is comforting to know that we don't have to stockpile ... I was just starting to think about doing just that

maybe that means I am a 'doom and gloomer'! I think it is human nature to want to prepare, and human nature to get a bit worried about the times to come but you are right, we should face the future with confidence and hope adn not concentrate on our fears
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By Pippy
I feel like Leo...I really don't see the need to stockpile...sometimes I think when the upheavel times come, those of us with Love in our hearts will just share what we have! Pippy.................look at what happened during WW2 how the people shared(those with God in their hearts)....Like attracks like! Pippy.....that's been one of my sayings for awhile!!
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By Cyrus
God Bless Everyone (*)

Myself, i'll be well prepared ... Blessed Candles, my place is going to be lit up like a church. All windows will be boarded up tight like a sardine can, and inside will be plenty of dry food and water.

But before I lock down the door, im pulling in as many people as I can. Good, bad young or old, don't matter... Let satan roar and the earth split!!! song and prayers with joy is on the menu and im guarding that door just incase anyone gets some smart ideas because they think their hearing friends or family.

Three Days of Darkness: The Great Chastisement"

I printed out this artical from a few yrs ago by Wayne Weible. If anyone is not familiar with him, The Official Site of Medjugorje sells all his books and has many many of his newsletters for download or a direct link to his site.

You'll find Our Blessed Holy Mother speaking farther down this thread.

Readers of our newsletter may recall my March story of conversion into the Catholic Church, and in particular, my story about meeting Franciscan Brother David Lopez. I mention this because a very important story to follow is centered on Brother David's Medjugorje experience and his recieving a miraculous gift of frequent inner-locutions from Jesus and Mary.

I first met Brother David in January, 1990, while on a long tour through the state of Texas, in a little town on the Texas-Mexico border called Weslaco. He actually lives in a hamlet called El Ranchilo, at a hermitage known as Our Lady of Tenderness.

Having spent 18 years as a Franciscan religious, David runs a small retreat house there that assists illegal aliens by giving them generous helpings of food, shelter and prayer. The amazing thing is Brother David has cerebral palsy which causes him considerable difficulty in walking and talking, much less in taking on such a heavy physical responsibility as running his little haven.

However, the heart of Brother David's mission lies not in his sanctuary to illegal aliens, but in a special message giving to him while on his first Medjugorje pilgrimage in 1987 (he has made the long trip to the little village four times). It is a story he has been circulating to all who would listen.

What follows is the English translation from 35-year-old Brother David's Spanish-language testimony by Irma Barretto, and Patricia Jersin, both of Redondo Beach, California. I am grateful to them for sending me the translation.

Personally, I normally shy away from thinking about or speaking about the ten secrets of Medjugorje; or of the grave chastisements that are to come according to the visionaries. I have read Father Albert Herbert's book titled, "The Three Days of Darkness: Prophecies of Saints and Seers". Upon completing it I prayed a great deal. I felt in my heart that while this was very much a part of the coming times, my mission was to concentrate on spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which I feel is the soul of the Medjugorje messages of Our Lady.

Yet at the same time, we cannot ignore an important part of Our Lady's messages; we are being led in prayer in preparation for what is to come. That is underscored in this months message, Also underscored is Her words to us to pray in joy and not in stress or sadness. Please keep both in mind as you read the following account by Brother David.

In Jesus Mary and Joseph and Glory Be To The Holy Spirit and All The Saints in Heaven, Amen and Amen (*)
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By Cyrus
Three Days of Darkness: The Great Chastisement

by Brother David Lopez, O.S.F.

On the 14th of August, 1987, when I was in Medjugorje, I had the privilege of being in the room of the apparitions at the same time that the Holy Virgin was appearing to the visionaries, and the pleasures of delivering to the visionaries the petitions and religious articals that many people sent with me. Despite this privilege, which was great, it was not so important when compared to the revelation that Our Lady gave me later.

After the apparition, the visionaries mentioned that the Holy Virgin planned to speak to them in the evening on MT Krizevac. Later that evening, many people joined them in climbing the mountain. I did not go up myself until the 15th at 2:00am with my friend, Fr. Edward Villa. I only went half way up the mountain because the hiking was too difficult for me. While there, I recited the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary, my office of the day, and talked with people who passed by. My friend, Fr. Villa, continued alone. I was there over two hours.

When my friend came down, we went to the morning English Mass (at St. James Church) and then returned to the home of the family where we were staying. Later my friend went back to the mountain, and I stayed home alone.

While I was on the mountain that morning, I heared the people saying the Virgin had announced to the visionaries that because of the Feast of Assumption was a special day, the people who would be near the room of the apparitions would recieve special gifts and graces. While I was in my room, I was meditating about that, and at the same time thinking I had already recited my 15 decade Rosary, had gone to Mass, and that there was no need for me to back outside the rectory to say another Rosary... and maybe the Virgin doesn't want me to go anyway. Inside myself I heared a voice that said, "And what reason would I have for wanting to see you ?"

With the family where we were staying in Medjugorje, there was a taxi driver who became my friend and who told me, "Don't go in any other taxi; I will take you anywhere, and I don't want you to pay me". So, I said to the Virgin, "If the driver returns on time for me to go, I will go, if not, I won't go".

The taxi came in good time, and the driver asked me if I wanted to go to the rectory. I said, yes. When I arrived, some friends gave me a folding chair. I sat by the window of the apparition room, and I began to say the Rosary with the people. At 6:00pm I saw the visionaries enter the rectory.

In Jesus Name Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)
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By Cyrus
We began to pray the fourth sorrowful mystery when I lost consciousness; I could not see nor hear anyone. The only thing I can remember is that I felt the presence of the Virgin. I heared Her voice, the sweet voice of a wise and understanding woman who spoke to me in English, but I did not see Her nor do I claim to have seen Her.

The words of the message and the impression I felt frightened me but not what I was hearing, nor the words themselves, but the responsibility which the Virgin was imposing on me; because I knew that the message She was communicating brought the obligation of dissemination, and I did'nt want to live the life or persecution that prophets live. So, I refused to listen, turning back to my Rosary; but She continued to speak, not letting me pray.

When She finished, I got up as fast as I could. I found the driver, and he took me back to my room. Then I started to pray in a loud voice because I did'nt want to listen to the interior voice even though I knew the experience was real. A half hour later, my friend Fr. Villa came, and I told him about the events that had taken place and told him the message I had recieved. He asked me if I had read the book, The Three Days Darkness, a book that I had never heared about. Then ha said, "You are describing exactly what's in that book."

I need to explain that the words given first are the exact words of the message given to me by the Virgin, and a second narrative following the message contains my impressions as well as further information from the Blessed Virgin Mary about what is going to happen.

Next The Blessed Virgin Mary's Message To Brother David.

In Jesus Name Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)
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By Cyrus
The Blessed Virgin Mary's Message To Brother David.

Do not be afraid about the three days of darkness that will come over the earth, because those who are living my messages and have a life of interior prayer will be alerted by an interior voice three days to one week before their occurrence.

My children must continue with repentance for their sins and pray more as I have recommended. They should get Holy water, and blessed articals, and have special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. having always a vigil light in front of Him.

They must be content with satisfying the basic necessities of life and be less dependent on material goods. The priests must not only take care of their interior prayer life, but also develop the interior prayer life of all their parishioners. The same way they should avoid anyone who speaks about revolution and rebellion. The ones who speak about revolution and rebellion are the disciples of the antichrist.

I am sad for the religious of the West who have renounced their signs of consecration. They, especially. will be tempted by Satan and will not be able to resist the spiritual and physical attacks. They must return to a life of sanctity and obedience to Christ, my Son.

Do not be afraid of anything or anybody. Be filled with God's love by praying, reading Holy Scripture, and recieving the Sacraments. I will be with you during the time of anguish, and my children may call on me for secure refuge.

Those who are struggling to overcome recurring personal sin should not despair because God will take into account their desires and efforts to conquer their sins. Go in the peace of God.

Next Impressions Of Brother David.

In Jesus Mary and Joseph, Amen and Amen (*)
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By Cyrus
God Bless Everyone (*)

Impressions Of Brother David With Further InFormation From The Blessed Virgin Mary.

During these three days of darkness, there is not going to be one demon left in hell. All are going to be on earth. Those three days are going to be so dark that we will not see our hands before our faces.

In those days, the ones who are not in a state of grace are going to die of frieght because of the terrible demons that they will see. The Virgin told me to close all the doors and windows and not to respond to anyone who calls from the outside. The biggest temptation we will have is that the devil is going to imitate the voices of our loved ones. She told me, "Please do not pay attention because those are not your loved ones; those are demons trying to lure you out of the house".

Regarding the places where I reside. At the beginning of those three days, there are going to be people trying to cross the river (the Rio Grande) but they can't do it because they cannot see and will drown. They will be so afraid that they will kill one another; they will die in a state of sin.

The Virgin told me that God has selected some people who are going to be martyrs at the beginning of the three days of darkness, but they should not be afraid because God will give them perseverance, and, after the martydom, the angels are going to take them body and soul into Heaven.

She insists that we pray to the Lord that those days will not come in the winter and that there are not pregnant women about to give birth; because if they come in winter, the cold will be intense, there won't be any artifical heat, and the women about to give birth won't have any medical assistance.

She gave me two graces that I can not reveal to anybody. She also told me, "The people should not try to look for signs and not waste time trying to figure out the date". She told me this because She said there was a man predicting the exact date of the three days of darkness. When I asked the Virgin about this prophesy, She only said, "Be careful of those who set dates. If we knew the date, people would live only waiting for the date and not convert for the love of God".

She told me that the hours of darkness will be exactly 72, and the only way to count them is with mechanical clocks, because there won't be any electricity.

After this purification, there will be spring. Everything will be green, and everything will be clean. The water will be crystal clear, even the water from the faucets of the houses. There will be no contamination in the water, nor the air, nor the river.

The most beautiful thing is that the people are going to live off the land and not work to survive, but for love and mutual support.

The most important way to bring about this change is to come to conversation and live charitably today. Live in a state of grace. It is very important to form communities of fraternal alliances where you can have support from your brothers. The days of darkness are going to be very hard for single people and for the parents of families that have adult children, because they will hear their voices outside.

The parents of the family, especially the fathers, must teach their sons and daughters to pray. During the hours of darkness, the children's prayers will be miraculous.

Next: An Added Message to Priests, ...... Later or Tomorrow.

In Jesus Name Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)
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By Angelica
Dear Cyrus,
I just read Br. David's account. I literally broke down when I read the section that said "those who are struggling to overcome personal sin should not despair because God will take into account their desires and efforts to overcome their sins." That is me!!! I've been so overcome with despair about recurring personal sin and under tremendous attack just in the past 2 weeks that I've decided I need to go to confession weekly. How compassionate and loving is Our Father and Our Lady!! This mystifies me.
I read about the 3 Days Darkness when I came back from Medjugorje. Personally, I can't justify stockpiling anything. I've asked myself this many times, what if the events don't unfold for me like I think they will? Perhaps I won't be in my own home. Perhaps something happens and all my goods are destroyed. I decided long ago if it was good enough for the widow in the Bible who had enough flour and oil to make pancakes during the famine and who shared with Elisha the prophet (correct me if I'm wrong) then I must trust completely trust in God's providence to take care of me and my family. I must relinquish all control to Him. I've been on the road to conversion for 17 yrs. and I haven't arrived yet! I'm just now learning to say "Jesus I trust in you. Please show me what I need to do".
Anyway we can contact Brother David about this awesome experience? It would be great to get him online with us.
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By judy
Thank you, Cyrus, this is similar to what I feel will happen.I had a dream once that I will be martyred and I am okay with that, except I recently read somewhere that is 'the easy way' out ! :?: Once, I also was talking to some friends who are born again christians about their idea of rapture (way before I got into all this) and when they asked my husband where he was going? I had a strong prophecy come over me and I said that" I will be here to fight against the evil" and I still don't know what I mean or why I said it/ it was weird...
By baabaas
:D Hi Leo;

I've always bought food in Bulk anyway so it's not all that unusual for me to have a 100lbs. of dried food on hand at all times things such as dried beans, peas, rice, lentils, and pasta. As well as canned items and dried fruit suchas Papaya, figs, etc; That's what I have on hand right now without stockpiling.

Living off the land isn't bad if you know about the wild edibles, mushrooms, grasses, cacti, etc; I expect there will be a lot of food hoarding at the time and expect for the food markets to be cleaned right out. Than of course there is planting and growing your own. I think and feel that there will be a lot of good will among the survivors but it pays to be ready for anything. If someone has the staples than one can forage for a raw veggie we'll say for example one I have seen growing coast to coast
in Canada, Mexico and everywhere I have ever lived iI know it by Miner's lettice it is very nutritious, not bad tasting I pick it sometimes and put it in Salads. Some of the leaves of the trees also such as Maple leaves, the Adirondack of upstate NY used to live almost exclusively off the trees.

It's quite a subject you would do very well to educate yourselves you just might have to assist or teach others how to forage. GOD'S BLESSINGS WILL BE UPON ALL OF US!

Dave :D
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By starbright
I thought none of the secrets had been divulged yet? Where does this story about three days of darkness come from? I'm sceptical, I'm afraid, without wanting to upset or offend anyone :?:
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By MedjAdmin
The visionaries in Medjugorje say that Our Lady has never mentioned the "three days of darknes" and, believe me, they get asked about it all the time.

It has, however, been spoken of by several saints in the past. That is where people get it.
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By starbright
Thanks Sean. I remain sceptical about it. I imagine that if it were true it would be three days of metaphorical darkness
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By Pippy
I agree with Dave...there will be sharing among people with LOVE of God in their hearts. Also, there will be those who do not have this love and will hoard like Dave mentioned. I think as time draws nearer, we will just know in our soul what needs to be done. If we live with this LOVE in our hearts now it will be that much easier for us when the time comes. May God's LOVE be in everyone of our hearts!! Pippy :D
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By Covenant
I would say that the 'three days of darkness' comes from the descriptions that Jesus gave of the final days before His return.

As He said,

" Immediately after the distress of those days
" 'the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not give its light;
the stars will fall from the sky,
and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.'

At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn."
(Mt. 24: 29.30)

So, its a Biblical Truth that there will be a period of darkness preceding the return of Jesus. Some saints think that this will number three days.

The reason why the Medjugorje visionaries don't talk about the 'three days of darkness', is because their secrets don't go into the Return of Jesus.

The Secrets are about the next few decades or so leading into the final days, and not about the end days themselves. Thats why the visionaries say that 'everything will end', but in the sense that 'the world as we know it will never be the same.'

I wouldn't worry about the three days of darkness: I don't think that we will live to see the final days. Thats probably 150 years or so from now. We shouldn't be stockpiling food, we should be doing what Mirjana says Our Lady tells us to do: pray and fast for the conversion of sinners.
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By starbright
I know what you say is wise, covenant, I just find that I'm scared and I feel it is necessary to stockpile, even though my better judgement tells me that to do so is a bit pannicky and maybe silly!
By leo daly
This has stirred up some interesting discussion. It is interesting to see the number of people who consider stockpiling to be the way to go. Yes, I am at times a doubting Thomas but I feel we need to trust our mother when she says that those who pray and fast have no fear of the future. I cant wait to get home and find out from my friend the bible passage that seems to reference Medjugorje.

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By Cyrus
God Bless Everyone (*)

Added message for Priests from Our Blessed Mother of Medjugorje to Brother David, which I printed out from the Offical Site of Medjugorje.

Added Message to Priests:

I want to add to the message for priests. They have the responsibility to tell about these occurrences to all their parishioners, to give them strenght and conversion, and to tell the parishioners not to fear. They have the obligation to pass this message and not to be afraid to communicate it, because the message has been revealed before to many holy saints, and we cannot lose any more time ignoring it.

They should put all their emphasis in teaching people to convert. to pray with the Holy Spirit. They should also teach them not to be preoccupied with material goods, money, power, work, etc., because it is not worth it.

In the same way, they should preach how to prepare for death. It is important to preach about the final things for human beings: death, judgement, heaven, and hell. Preach expressly on the consciousness for sin and, especially, mortal sin with its deadly consequences.

The Lord prefers that we convert for love, but if it is necessary for fear of punishment. Nonetheless, he will accept conversion all ways and He will receive us because He loves us and wants our salvation. For Love or for fear, the only thing that matters is that we give ourselves to Him. The priests have the obligation to guide people, especially by example of their lives of absolute dedication to Christ.

Before the great tribulation, there is going to be a sign. We will see in the sky one great red cross on a day of blue sky without clouds. The color red signifies the blood of Jesus who redeemed us and the blood of the martyrs selected by God in the days of darkness.

This cross will be seen by everyone: Christians, pagans, atheist, etc., as well as all the prepared ones (understand for prepared ones not only the Christians, because there are people who have never heared the Gospel, but also for those who have the voice of God in the sanctuary of their consciences) who will be guided by God in the way of Christ. They will recieve grace to interpret the significance of the cross.

End of Message.

Wow, I just love reading words from Our Blessed Mother, each word like droplets of wisdom to my heart and honey to my soul.

My Dear Blessed Mother Mary ... I hear you, your thoughts are my thoughts and your messages are imprinted in my heart. So shall I spread them and will obey them without question.

In Jesus Name Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)
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By bluecross
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By Cyrus
bluecross wrote:<<Added message for Priests from Our Blessed Mother of Medjugorje to Brother David, which I printed out from the Offical Site of Medjugorje...>>

Can someone tell me exactly where to find this message to Br David on the Official Site of Medjugorje, please?
Bluecross when I printed it out it was under .....

I just tried the link and it may have had it's name changed or it's linked to Wayne Weible homepage from sinse the time I printed it out.
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By Cyrus
God Bless Everyone (*)

This is a very important subject so I just did a quick search with no luck, so Im going to contact them, and see what they have to say.

In Jesus Name Thy Will Be Done, Amen and Amen (*)
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By bluecross
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