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By Edward Peter
I am a newcomer to Medjugorje Forum. I am from Ireland. I love Jesus and Mary with all my heart. I am a member of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary which is in total obedience to the laws of God and the holy Catholic church. I am looking forward to browsing on this forum and hope to make a contribution soon.
Regards,Edward Peter
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By Maryh
Hi Edward Peter, :)
I'm from Ireland too! Your welcome & i look forward to your contributions.
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By athenacp
By Edward Peter
Thank you for your welcoming messages. Its good to know that Ireland is well represented. I love all the prayers that are posted here. May God bless all the members and I hope all will pray for Ireland, that all people will come to know and love God and that the will put his laws first and love one another.
Edward Peter