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By Mt. Carmel
It is one of my most favourite hymns of all time, and moved my old eyes to shed an emotive tear or three in Mass this morning! Hard to believe it is 1,300 years old - timeless, truly timeless.

Peace and Love.
By Gael
Beautiful Mt Carmel, thank you! I had the pleasure of being at The Irish Tenors concert last year at Christmas time, an amazing experience. :)
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By Mt. Carmel
ps. Ref. great Tenor voices:

My sainted Irish maternal grandmother was school friends with 'Count' John McCormack's wife. If my old memory serves me right, they both would visit, when in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area.

Now, there was a very special voice - when he reached his voice out during a rendition of 'I hear you calling me.' - even on those old recordings - he could set you tingling.

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