Tell us about your favorite songs and music that inspires you.

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This one usually lifts me out of my stygian gloom - not that it happens much these days, DG. I still love it anyway.

Peace and Love.
By punk1211
After My Heart Will go on this is her best song and the video is also well directed.
By marylover
nice video--she is truly my favorite female vocalist. She just makes you feel so good about life.
By Becker
:D "I'm Alive" is the second hit single from Céline Dion's album A New Day Has Come, released on August 12, 2002.The music video was directed by Dave Meyers between May 24-25, 2002 and premiered in June 2002.This song is really good. I am huge fan of this singer.She has a magic in her vocal and i think there are big fan of her.Her last album was Taking Chances.I have great collection of her music. :roll:

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