Our Lady asks us to fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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By poko
Let me first start off by saying I have been blessed with the gift of Life.15 yrs ago I was diagnosed with stage four non=Hodgkin's lymphoma and was literally on my death bed/only by the grace of God am I able to write this today!!

About 8 years ago I started fasting 2 to 3 days a week from 12 midnight to 3 o'clock in the afternoon.(I chose to end my fast @ 3 in the hopes I would remember when Jesus died on the cross that particular day and thank him for it.Over the course of a few years that fast turned from 2 to 3 days a week to a daily fast 7 days a week.This is now my 6 consecutive year with no end in sight(god willing)There are times when I might have a piece of hard candy or a breath mint(I work midnights on an oncology/hospice unit @ a local hospital so I don't want to have bad breath for the patients) but other than that its a strict fast.I have added @ the 3 o'clock hour of not only thanking Jesus for his Passion and Death and all that he suffered for my sins and the sins of this world but also thanking our Blessed Mother for her 7 sorrows and St Joesph for his 7 sorrows as well

I can honestly say I have easy days and hard days but this is a small sacrifice I make for the ENORMOUS sacrifice Jesus Mary and Joesph made for myself and the people of this world .Hopefully this will spur someone somewhere to try fasting/it truly is a game-changer!!

May god bless you!
By mani
By poko
No Problem Mani
It took me a long time to be able to Fast like I do/hopefully the Holy Souls in Purgatory(I offer a lot of my fasting for them) will reap its fruits :o

God bless you!!

Ps I know we are not suppose to talk about our fasting or bring attention to it but I feel the more people we can reach out to regarding the spirtual benefits of fasting the better!
By poko
Hi everyone,hope you had a blessed Christmas and best wishes for a great New Year!!

Just wanted to share a passage from a booklet I am reading about souls in Purgatory from an unknown author!
I think this is a valuable tool we can use with our fasting in 2012!

"Souls who were pious and devout on earth on account of the esteem they thereby received from men, suffer the pains of Purgatory for a long time.I behold many souls in Purgatory whose desire to become saints was motivated by self-will and self-love,or who devoted themselfs assiduosly to the interior life in order to please their confessors and spiritual directors,whose only motive was not God,but their own glorification,their own egoism.
Yes,these are souls who practiced piety,but who were not humble;who wanted to see no faults in themselfs;who self-confidently thought that their way of living was the best possible--souls that performed deeds of penance in proud imitation of the saints,not in humility and repentance.Such imitation appears real,but God cannot be be deceived.These souls who had a proud desire to become holy,who continually looked at the number of their mortifications and sacrifices as in a mirror.They could do great things but neglected the small,most important duties."etc etc

So my take-away from the aforementioned paragraph and 2012 resolution is to fast in a humble way,not to seek any type of glorification or self indulgence.To go about my life in a quiet manner always striving to please God anyway I can!

God bless
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By poko
Andy 08,can you delete the posts from "Cesyalbulse "there all spam!!

Thanks and God Bless!!
By poko
Please,durning this lenten season offer some of your fasting for the souls in Purgatory/they in turn will pray for you and be with you at the hour of your passing!

God bless and every one have a GREAT lent
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By Mt. Carmel
poko wrote:I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter!!
The same for you 'poko'.

Regarding your OP, my younger son [who has a very young family] was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma stage 2-3 and went through chemotherapy and into remission for a year, then it appeared again. This time he had chemo and radio therapies - his heart stopped during a session of radiotherapy, so they had to electrically stimulate it in action. He has now been in remission for over two years - I feel very strongly that the prayers and good works of 'prayer warriors' and their advocacy has moved the Divine Mercy. It will be good for him to see his children grow up.

ps. Prayers for my wife please, cancer keeps striking her; she has had a hysterectomy and a double mastectomy and lymph nodes under one arm removed because of it. [She recently joked that God wants her a bit at a time.] She has mental and emotional issues as well due to abuse as a child, and has in the past been dangerously emotionally depressed, though thank God at the moment she seems remarkably sanguine about things. {I feel this is in large part down to the prayers of many good folks.]

pps. I will try your mode of fasting during this entire Holy Week, and offer it up to the Holy Souls and those who die during the week - also remembering Jesus on the cross saying to the Good Thief, "This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise".

Peace and Love.
By poko
Mt Carmel,I will keep your wife and son in my prayers!!!

Please keep up the fasting/were saving many souls!!

Your friend,
By poko
Everyone,please remember @3pm everyday to thank Jesus for his Passion and Death!!

Its a GREAT habit to have!!

By poko
3PM Remembrance

Thank you Jesus for your::::
1 agony in the garden
2 scourging at the pillar
3 crowning of thorns
4 carrying of the cross
5 your crucifixion

and all that you suffered that we will never know about until we meet you in Heaven!!

By poko
Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!

Hope everyones fasting is going well !!

God Bless
By poko
Merry Christmas everyone and may you have a blessed new year!!


Ps With the Child Jesus speaking yesterday for the first time in 31 years.....now more than ever.........we really need to fast or perform acts of self sacrifice for the salvation of this world.
By poko
Dear Friends,

May all of you have a blessed lent and what ever form of fasting you do may the self mortification bring you closer to Jesus! Amen

God Bless,
By Evania1
Poko, I need prayers from you. Will you fast for me tomorrow? I need an answer from God. Please!
By poko
Yes I will Evania1, but remember to always say when asking for a favor in prayer "not my will but your will be done Jesus".This way if it gets answered fine but if not the Lord probably has something better in store for you!!

God bless,
By Evania1
Thank you Poko for your response. I have to admit that is something that I struggle with. You are right though...I need to add that to my prayers.
By poko
Now,more than ever,with lent starting we need to fast and pray for the church,for pope Benedict and his successor!
We can make a difference!!

Pray and fast!!
By poko
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Remember the most souls released from Purgatory into Heaven is on CHRISTMAS DAY!!

Praise Jesus for his birth first and foremost,than give the souls in purgatory their gift(HEAVEN) by praying for them on Christmas day:

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen."

Each time you say this it releases 1000 souls from purgatory!!!!
God Bless
By poko
What a great day!!

Sainthood for Pope John the 23rd
Pope John Paul the 2nd

Thanks Be to God for sending us two terrific humans to model our lives after!!

God bless to all
By poko
As of Dec 2013 I made the decision to step up my fasting to include the entire Passion of Jesus(9pm..when the Agony in the Garden commenced to 3 pm the following Day...our Saviors death).

Please continue to fast/WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!

May God Bless You

By poko
Hi everyone!!
Hope everyones fasting is going well!
God Bless,
By poko
Happy Easter everyone!!

Try to fast everyday,praise Jesus for his Passion and Death everyday @ 3oclock!!

God bless you,

By poko
Part of Our Blessed Mothers message from Oct 25th 2016:

Therefore, little children, pray, pray, pray and permit God to enter into your hearts. Return to fasting and confession so as to overcome the evil in you and around you!!

God Bless