Make requests for prayers here, and pray for our brothers and sisters who have posted requests. "Pray, pray, pray!"

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Heavenly Father may You be Praised, Loved and Adored,
now and through all eternity.
Thank You for all of Your creation, every man, woman and child,
..all Your creatures, great and small!
And, for this special time of Grace and Mercy for all mankind.

Most Beautiful Lady, Mother of our Saviour, intercede for all our petitions
mentioned here on our forum and those of our silent seekers.

Keep praying for Katie, thank you.
please remember our Katie...

May Your Motherly Mantle cover and protect EWTN ,priests, religious all employees and
the teachings and beauty of the Catholic Church as mentioned in EWTN's Mission, may it
remain on the air for the salvation of all souls.
the Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word
the Nuns of Our Lady of the Holy Angels Monastery
all the priests that bring Jesus to Us in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, every day
into our homes, especially for the home-bound.
all of EWTN's hosts and devoted employees that make EWTN possible. Praise God!

May the devotees of EWTN offer their sacrifices, their pains, there
sufferings and their much needed prayers, sometime during the day
for the continuing broadcasting of EWTN.
Your protection for our Holy Father -all our Priests and religious
all our sick and those who are near death this day

[Please remember my brother-in-law, Tom, who is near death.

the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death
our Troops who are far away from their homeland & their loved ones
All those in need of physcial, mental or spiritual healing,

May all our brothers and sisters of All Faiths unite in prayer for mankind
to live according to the Holy Gospel, loving God and their neighbor.

Holy Spirit of God, surround our government leaders with your graces,
filling them with your love and truth, to rule and protect America and all
its citizens.
Open their hearts for the courage to change all that is wrong and give
back to us the culture of Life, Liberty and Happiness that is rightfully

May we have Peace in our hearts, homes and lasting world peace.

In your name, Lord Jesus, I place these petitions before you...Amen

Come Lord Jesus!
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joining my heart and poor prayers to this beautiful prayer
praying, praying, praying
Marie....your prayers are beautiful! And, you are always praying for us.
Thank you from my heart, you are so humble...I need your prayers, please,
for my sister Gerri ,she has cancer, I am still in shock over this,
Katie, our forum member, having tests...and for me also...
Thank you, dear friend.

praying, praying, praying
I Had grace to go to lisieux last monday with my daughter on my first day of holidays
and I stayed long before Louis and zelie martin's relics
they are such friends in the heart
and st therese,
praying, praying, praying for all your intentions
especially your sister and kathy
O Jesus we trust in You
O Mother mary, mother of love, thank you
O mother mary, our lady of the smile thank you

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