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By stunnedbyit
Recent events in my life have forced me to face up to the fact that I most probably have something called Avoidant Personality Disorder.

What is avoidant personality disorder?

Avoidant personality disorder is a life-long pattern of extreme social anxiety and shyness. Sufferers experience persistent feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-confidence, inferiority and lack of self-worth and have a tense and anxious demeanour. They tend to be incredibly sensitive - particularly to rejection - and consider themselves to be incapable of relating to others and being socially successful.

I am not too sure where I go from here. I may have to see a Doctor and look into being referred to a psychologist. I have studied this condition extensively, and I exhibit all of the symptoms.

I ask for your prayers and forgiveness. Many of the pathetic things I have posted on this forum have probably been heavily influenced by this disorder and hope you can forgive me.

May you all be given Divine help with your own Crosses.

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By athenacp
Praying for you!
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By beloved
I will keep you in my prayers
By marylover
Will remember you in my prayers tonight.
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By Maryh
Well, I certainly have nothing to forgive you for Stunnedbyit
You've often asked things I was already also thinking. Pathetic or not, rightly or wrongly I thought or experienced similar things & related to
what you were saying.

Hope you find a good counsellor & advocate if that's what your looking for.
Something I was told once by a great priest was that if your finding it hard to trust people, it's because you don't feel
I agree this is true. Now I know to go looking for love from God.

Good friends can surely be hard to find. There are not too many people I feel I can totally trust & completely be myself with & at ease around either.
Just the way it is. So your not alone on that front.

Will be praying for you.
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