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By HoneyBump
First I have to say Thankyou to this forum of saints,,,,,, over the years u all mean everything to me.
Prayer works and I have to trust that this will work.
I am in torture.
I have a severe sleeping problem, severe insomnia , going on over 2 weeks, get only one to three hours a night of sleep and I am in a day program hospital and on sleep med and it doesnt work tried every med no Dr is helping me I am loosing it.
I am still homeless living with a friend his name is Brian, a really good man we are just friends. I have known him for over a year and developed feelings for him, he doesnt want or love me and is just giving me a room in his beautiful condo. He is very wealthy and a good man and very generous to me....he is supporting me and doesnt have to do that. I suffer with OCD and my obsessions keep me up all night and I am a sick woman, I fell in love with him.
The rejection the grief the loss the fear he is going to throw me out it is insane. I need help and i am trying to get all the help I can . I pray I beg Jesus And Mary to let me sleep I cant function no one can function with out sleep I am in torture.
I have to accept and accept Brian is dating and doesnt want me....I am nuts.
Please pray for me , pray for Brian, I am so afraid so scared so in fear I dont sleep .....I need u to storm heaven for me. I love u all, MaryBeth (honeybunp)
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By beloved
Oh MaryBeth, I am so glad to hear from you! I am keeping you in my prayers and will certainly be praying for you and Brian and your intentions. May our Blessed Mother and Jesus bring you peace.
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By athenacp
Oh geez, I am praying for you!
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By Maryh
Praying & will keep you in my prayers Marybeth.

Sleep deprivation is pure torture alright.

Magnesium tablets from heath store. Bananas, Rooibos tea can help me to sleep sometimes.

I'm not surprised you fell in love with your friend Brian, he sounds so good & kind. I think I would too.
You are blessed to have a friend like that.

Hope everything feels better soon.
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By Jill Ish
Honeybump, I have had bouts of insomnia here and there and I realized what works for me is reading before bed, exercise, praying, and just telling yourself that although this insomnia is uncomfortable, it will not kill me. It always passes, usually when you stop stressing about it. I will pray for you. Hang in there, if it gets real bad, go to the E.R. and they will guide you in the right direction. God bless!

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