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By athenacp
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By Angelica
So here's an update: On her Baptism day on 4/9/16, I had a mass said for Kelsey. That was a turn around point. She was able to get out of bed. Since then, we have been using a protocol for Lyme developed by a Christian doctor and his wife. While the road has had bumps and dips, she is doing sooo much better. However, she has times when she can not work. My husband and I have been helping her with her bills but frankly, it is overwhelming and I just can not help her the way I would like to. She spent all her savings on her expenses while she has been ill. Please pray she can go back to work and please pray for her employer who has been kind enough to put up with this illness. I am praying for a complete recovery and nothing less! I thank each and everyone of you for your kind help and prayers and lift you all up in my prayers and fasting.
May God bless you all!!
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By Jill Ish
Dear Angelica,

I got lyme disease about three years ago, and it was untreated in my body for about nine months. When I got diagnosed I was on antibiotics for two months, and then in another two months, I had to go on them again for a month. It is really an up and down disease but I finally feel a lot better. It causes crazy exhaustion, and for me knee arthritis. I prayed so much for patience, and for God to help me with his timing on when he was going to heal me. I will pray for her.
Thanks to all of you!! She is doing better to some degree. Antibiotics break her skin out so we have to go the Natropathic route. I really need for her to be well enough to go back to work. I can't pay her bills. Praying for her to be self-supporting.

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