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By Jill Ish
Please pray for my husband, Peter. He is forty eight years old and battling an urinary tract infection which is slow to heal. The doctor ordered four more days of the antibiotics which have lousy side affects. We have two boys at home who love him dearly as do I and it is tough for us to see him suffer. He is never sick as well so this is new for him. I have been praying a lot, and fasting for him. My oldest boy who is twelve tells me God tells him to tell me to be patient when we are praying for him. Thank you for praying, and I will pray for you all as well. Over the years I have posted prayers I needed for my family or friends and it always works out.
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By Maryh
Those UTI's are excruciating Jill. Will say a prayer for him for sure.

Eating a lot of Blueberries & drinking unsweetened cranberry juice is supposed to really help because they stop the bacteria sticking around.
When it's getting better, a TBSP. Apple cider vinegar diluted every day is supposed to aid recovery also.
(You probably know this already & are doing lots of things like this but just thought I'd say it anyway just encase you hadn't heard.)
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By Jill Ish
Thank you for the prayers, now he is covered in hives from the antibiotics! He may have to go on steroids for this. Please
keep praying. It has been a long two weeks of dealing with this. He gets mad when I pray for him. He says many more
people have it worse off than him. He is like a Saint Joseph, a real model of humility...God bless, Jill
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By athenacp
By marylover
Prayers said for him. The steroids should help, UTIs do take a bit of time to clear. Your husband sounds humble in saying pray for others that have worse problems than him. That's nice he is putting others needs first.
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By Jill Ish
Thank you all. He is doing better and did not have to go on the steroids. The doctor told him to take Zyrtec and Zantac together which are helping greatly with the hives and itchy rashes. It was a tough trial for him, but it made me appreciate him more. God bless!

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