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By HOF_13
I need desperate prayers. I am surrounded with despair and blackness. I don't know how I go on. I went to medjugorje a few years ago and I have now returned to horrific sins which I feel are damning me.

At this present moment I am filled with a horrific remorse but also a feeling that its too late to repent,

please pray for me because I am terrified day and night.
God Bless
By comfortablesocks
Hof...Be not afraid!! Jesus is Mercy!!! Cling to His mercy every minute of the day. When the clock strikes 3, immerse yourself in His mercy. If you can, run to the Blessed Sacrament at this time.
I Love and appreciate this hour!! He has comforted me many times, especially in this hour.

We All need His Mercy....never give up! Pray, Hope, Don't Worry:)

You will be in my prayers!!

Hail Mary....
St. Joseph pray for us
Holy Infant Jesus, bless and protect us
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By Jill Ish

God always forgives no matter what you do if you sincerely repent from the heart. Go to confession or make an appointment with a priest for some spiritual direction.
So many times, I have gotten such consolation when I do this. Also, adoration, mass, fasting, and praying the rosary helps, and to surround yourself with like minded people. Try and join a prayer group near you. It helps to have people on the same journey with you.

God bless, and I will pray for you!
By HOF_13
thank you guys. the demon was attacking me and telling me because i lived as sexually deviant life i cannot be saved.

please pray for me.

I keep switching from despair to peace.

I need to think of a way that to do penance which brings peace to my soul.
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By beloved
Oh Hof, you know it is the devil who is trying to make you despair. A simple question, but have you been to confession and asked the priest for advice? You can offer your rosaries for penance and also ask our Lady and Jesus for peace in the rosary. I will keep you in my prayers!
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By athenacp
By marylover
Praying for you as well in this year of Mercy. The devil strikes many of us in one way or another. We are all sinners. Jesus forgives us.

God bless you.

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