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By marylover
Hello everyone
Mom just came home from being in the hospital for 2 months and dad was admitted yesterday for abdominal bleeding. Please pray for his recovery, and continue to pray for her. Dad is moms caretaker so I pray God helps him overcome this illness to come home and be with her again following her heart surgery.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. When the doctor asked me when dads heart surgery was I always think of this forum as it was the week I joined this forum. I ask that of you will bring him through your prayers like you did back then!!!

Padre Pio and Little Flower pray for mom and dad, and all of your intentions.
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By Jill Ish
Dear Judy, I will pray for your Dad. Hang in there, and ask for God's grace to help you through it. Take care, Jill
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By beloved
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By athenacp
By marylover
Thank you for your prayers. Doctor was able to stop the bleeding in his stomach today and he received transfusions and is stronger.

I rubbed my Padre Pios oil before he went for procedure. He always comes through!
By comfortablesocks
Awesome!! I will keep up the prayers for your parents. Hang in there!! My dads 90, just left the hospital too. Very crazy busy, I understand.

Hail Mary.....
St. Joseph pray for them
Holy Infant Jesus, bless and protect them.

By marylover
Hope he does well Christine

90 that is great.

Thank goodness we have Our Lady and Jesus to get us through all this, I don't know how I Would have gone through all these difficulties without my faith. Working and taking care of them, God gave me strength

God Bless You
By comfortablesocks
Hi Judy,

Hoping and praying your parents are doing well. I'm with my dad right now for a week...I was thinking and asking Our Lord for mercy on yours. Hang in there!

Hail Mary...
St. Joseph pray for them
Holy Infant Jesus, bless and protect them

By marylover
Need a few more prayers, yesterday both mom and dad were admitted to hospital. Mom suffered a mini stroke and dad has GI Bleed again. Seeing both ambulances at the front of my door was difficult. On the way out the door as my mom got in and dad was leaving for the hospital the huge picture of Our Lord frame moved my dad pointed it out to me. He said it was wind but I never saw it move before and there was no wind on the hot sunny day. I know it was Our Lord taking care of them as they were being sent off.
If I could ask for a few more prayers to hold them up and to keep me strong through all this.
Thank you. God Bless all of you.
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By beloved
Prayers for them and you!
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By Maryschild
Dear Judy,

Praying for you and you intentions. Asking the Sacred Heart of Jesus to bring
Healing graces for your mom and dad and strength for you to continue your loving
care of them.
Judy, may God continue blessing you and all those you love!

+ Jesus, We Trust In You! +

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