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By Angelica
I am asking prayers for my son Christopher. He just finished college( a miracle- and much to do with your prayers!!!Wait til you hear this story!!) and has moved to North Carolina where he landed his first job. He has also been given 3 weeks stay in a hotel - paid for by the company, until he can find a rent. He has come up against alot of problems and is running out of time. I live out of state and can not help him. Please pray for him to find an affordable rent, with a good roommate(s) quickly.He needs to move out of the hotel next Friday July 8th. At the same time his college apartment has 1 more month of rent due. He has been trying to get someone to sublet the apartment. Financially, this is a burden on us. Asking for a 2nd miracle of someone willing to sublet it for the month of July!!

I will update. I am going to also fill you in on the miracle for this child!!
Thanks to all of you
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By athenacp
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By Angelica
Ok so maybe your the big guns I have been looking for. An answer to this prayer came just hours ago. My son has an apartment. It is 10 minutes from his job, it's below his price point (he's a saver!) and he is getting the first month's rent at half price! And he can move in immediately. So I thank all of you and Our Lady, the Trinity, all the angels and the Holy Souls in Purgatory for this issue being settled and better than we asked for. Now I pray we can get his previous apartment rented for the month of July!! That would be a huge bonus!!
By comfortablesocks
Awesome Angelica!!! I will continue to pray for Christopher too!! It's so hard for our young people trying to find there way after college. Our son, Joseph, has one more year of college! He has a tough time getting through the classes...

Hail Mary....
St. Joseph pray for him
St. Anthony pray for him
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on him.

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By Angelica
I so understand your son's situation. Here is Christopher's story. He had ADD and dyslexia way back even as a young child. I would sit and cry with him in 3rd grade because he couldn't read much less complete his homework. By 4th grade he was reading on a 2nd grade 3rd month level. Sylvan Learning had just opened a center in the town he went to school in so we signed him up. By 5th grade he was reading on a 5th grade 6 month level (that was after 9 mos of Sylvan Learning Center!!). Eventually, we did put him on ADD meds. By Sophmore year in high school he longer wanted to take them but coming off of them one of them led him into depression and he graduated with a 1.7 GPA from high school and quite depressed, and angry. I have asked many prayers from all of you for him. In May 2011, I was at the Divine Mercy in Stockbridge MA, on the weekend of Divine Mercy and consecrated him and asked ST Faustina to help him. I prayed for a whole year. I was at wits end. He had gotten into trouble and literally had the choice to go one way or the other. He graduated from community college and 2 years ago he attended college in Myrtle Beach SC for his last 2 years. He spent every waking moment studying and working hard and was in the library until 3 AM -Saturday nights included!! He just graduated top of his class with a 3.9 GPA and several honors. We attended his graduation this May on Mother's Day weekend. I could never have anticipated any of this and yet God orchestrated it so timely - a perfect Mother's Day gift!! I am grateful to everyone for their prayers. Many times it takes years to get an answer but what joy I have had!!
God Bless all of you!
My mums Rosary.

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