Make requests for prayers here, and pray for our brothers and sisters who have posted requests. "Pray, pray, pray!"

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Please pray for our Katie, she was in the hospital on Monday, I am so sorry for this late request,
I have been Ill with my RA, please pray for me as well, thank you. I will call Katie and post
latter today with information.

Prayers and much love!


Prayers for the both of you!
Thank you for your prayers!

I talked with Katie last night, she is home from the hospital.
She had Cardiac catheterization on Monday and had two Coronary stents.
Please see:

Katie is so thankful for our prayers and is asking for us to continue praying
for her since she is having issues. I will talk with her again today, I wasn't
on the phone long with her, maybe today she will be able to share more
with us.
And, I am so very thankful also for your prayers.

Love and prayers for all on our forum, with the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday
and Our Lady's Rosary. This keeps me going... But, most of all Daily Mass on EWTN.
I am so thankful for our Catholic Faith.


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