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By Maryschild

Dear friends,

Awesome depiction of our Blessed Mother by Miss Tidwell, truly a gifted Artist!
For those who wish to order this very beautiful holy card, at the bottom of the page.
has the Distributer's name and address

♥ Mother of the Unborn ♥

Miss Tidwell, an American artist, was inspired to paint this beautiful depiction
of our Blessed Mother grieving over the millions of aborted babies. Normally,
a picture like this would take her months to finish. She completed this one in two hours. ... dwell.html

Often said by my mother: "One picture is worth a thousand words."
The actual Chinese expression "Hearing something a hundred times isn't better than seeing it once"


What a wonderful way to share with our families, friends, and our friends
after Mass. Our Blessed Mother wants to touch hearts to Her very important
message in this holy card that She inspired Miss Tidwell to paint. She wishes to
inspire us with her tears and the pains of a loving mother's longing for all her little ones,
who suffer so, and with only one holy card which speaks many words.

"One timely deed is worth ten thousand words" - The Works of Mr. James Thomson, 1802.


♥ Sandy
prayers for my husband please.

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