Mirjana’s Sept 2 apparition: Video, Photos, Message

Today, September 2, 2019, Our Lady appeared to the visionary Mirjana Soldo in Medjugorje. Our team (Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions) was there to film today’s miraculous event. See our free short film below along with photos and Our Lady’s message.

Dear children,

Pray! Pray the Rosary every day—that wreath of flowers which, as a mother, directly connects me with your pains, sufferings, desires, and hopes.

Apostles of my love, I am with you through the grace and the love of my Son, and I am asking for prayers of you. The world is in such need of your prayers for souls to be converted.

With complete trust, open your hearts to my Son, and in them He will inscribe the summary of His words—which is love. Live in an unbreakable connection with the Most Sacred Heart of my Son.

My children, as a mother, I am telling you that it is high time for you to kneel before my Son to acknowledge Him as your God, the center of your life. Offer gifts to Him—that which He most loves—which is love towards neighbor, mercy, and pure hearts.

Apostles of my love, many of my children still do not acknowledge my Son as their God; they have not yet come to know His love. But you, with your prayer pronounced from a pure and open heart, by the gifts which you offer to my Son, will make even the hardest hearts open.

Apostles of my love, the strength of prayer pronounced from the heart—a powerful prayer full of love—changes the world. Therefore, my children: pray, pray, pray. I am with you.

Thank you.

Video of September 2, 2019 Apparition of Our Lady

We film our videos in high-definition and edit them ourselves so that you can experience the beautiful atmosphere at the Blue Cross and feel that you are right there with her. If you enjoy these videos, help us continue by joining the Apostles of Love community.

Photos from Our Lady’s September 2, 2019 apparition

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19 thoughts on “Mirjana’s Sept 2 apparition: Video, Photos, Message”

  1. Please pray for my desire to be finished with a long nicotine addiction. Please I also ask for complete healing of my son and daughter from their illnesses of autism, adhd and anxiety. Thank you for hearing my pleas and thank you for all of Christs’ blessings for me and my family. Living and deceased. In Jesus Christ name, I pray. Amen.

  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I will try very very hard to pray the rosary every, every day with the help of my most blessed Mother Mary. I will try to spread this message of the rosary to all people. Never forget Nancy

  3. It’s so nice to see so many men kneeling and praying.
    Thank you oh Mother for your love for us and for bringing us close to Jesus. We love you Mama Mary. Pls pray for my family that we may enjoy good health and protection and always do the will of God.

  4. With the grace of God, I will try to lay a wreath of roses at the foot of Mary daily. I am on Day 18 of a 54 Day Novena. May Mary’s promises be publicly proclaimed! God bless the Apostles of Love and the visionaries, especially Mirjana! Keep us Holy! Keep us faithful! Let us be saints!

  5. Blessed Mother, please help my brother, Tuto, and cure him from the terrible illness. Please. I love you, blessed Mother. Help Father Fausto to be well… so that he can help others here in his country, Nicaragua. Help him to have enough money for his daily needs… Help Linda with her back…. cure her, Blessed Mother. I love you Blessed Mother. Thank you. Luz

  6. With a grateful heart for the healing promised if I asked Our Lord Jesus to heal me.
    Blessed Mother, I love you, I thank you, I am yours. Praise the Lord Jesus for this gift!

  7. Dear Blessed Mother,
    I implore you to pray for my family’s conversion. Please pray for healing of my multiple illnesses.
    Thank you, Dearest Mother of all.

  8. Pray for me, Mary Queen of Love.
    Blessed Mother, please pray for my husband, who is bi-polar, and smokes cannabis to feel better, and is on medication as well.
    Please ask your Son to cure him, and his family from hatred.
    I would ask that I stay healthy, and to cure a liver problem totally.
    I would ask that the yoke of hatred be removed from my family shoulders, set there by evil persons in our family.
    I would ask that our country be saved from Donald Trump, and those connected to him.
    I would ask those are that have greater need than our selves be blessed, spiritually, physically, and financially, be helped.
    I would ask that a women, single mom, be blessed with Jesus love and turn to believe, she needs a car for her job.
    I would ask that a man who is need of help with his grandson, and son.
    I would ask that my sisters children be turned around from hate and a lack of love given to them be a deceased father.
    I would ask that a man, who uses his wife as a slave, and won’t get her training to work, be turned round to accept your Son.
    I would ask that the husband of my niece accept your Son, and his family who are from India and have different customs receive your Son as well. He had fits on angers and has fits of narcissism.

  9. Dear Blessed Mother
    Thank you for coming to your children all these years to bring us closer to your Son Jesus. We love you❤️. Please bring healing to my grandson, who has behaviour problems and conversion to my daughters and son in law. Thank you.❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  10. Thank you sweet Mother Mary for all your graces given to us through God and for the Merciful forgiving heart of Jesus. Praying daily to be obedient to your requests and the will of the Father.

  11. Our Lady of Medjugorje please pray for me. I will get results of my kidneys in two weeks. I beg of you to intercede for me that I may not need dialysis. I want to continue serving the Lord as a lector and other volunteer work for the Catholic Daughters.
    Thank you Ercilia

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