Emotional video – Blind toddler at Mirjana’s October 2 apparition

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Several years ago, Stella Mar Pilgrimages gifted a free pilgrimage to Sawyer, a baby afflicted with blindness and other serious health issues. At that time, however, his parents and doctors felt he was too ill to make the journey.

Fast forward several years… Now that he’s a toddler, Sawyer was finally healthy enough to visit Medjugorje! He and his family are here now with our group. See the video and photos below.

Sawyer and his mother were invited to be near Mirjana on October 2, 2019 when she experienced her monthly apparition. Stella Mar Films and Queen of Peace Productions filmed the apparition and released this touching video about the event, with a special focus on the experience had by Sawyer and his mom. Please share and comment!

Short documentary video: Mirjana’s October 2, 2019 Apparition

Watch our free short film documenting Our Lady’s apparition to Mirjana on October 2, 2019.

Photo Report: Blind toddler encounters Our Lady

Sawyer Glynn and his mother, Catie, head to the Blue Cross before Mirjana’s apparition on October 2, 2019.

Thousands of people were present near the base of Apparition Hill to be near Mirjana’s October 2, 2019 apparition.

Read about the foundation dedicated to Sawyer at the Little Legend Foundation
Mirjana arrives at the Blue Cross.

Other children with special needs attend the apparition. as well as adults suffering from illnesses.

Priests from all over the world blessed the pilgrims.

Our Lady appears and the crowd falls silent.

Catie prays in the presence of Our Lady, as Sawyer falls gently asleep.

Our Lady gave a message to Mirjana for the world. Click here to read it.

Cimela Kidonakis of Stella Mar Films talks to Sawyer moments after the apparition.

Sawyer was full of love and joy after the apparition!


Non-profit dedicated to Sawyer, The Little Legend Foundation

Our Lady’s October 2, 2019 Message

Watch Mirjana’s October 2, 2019 Apparition on Youtube

Watch Mirjana’s October 2, 2019 Apparition on Vimeo

Sawyer talks about Medjugorje before his trip

Video by Catie Glynn.

20 thoughts on “Emotional video – Blind toddler at Mirjana’s October 2 apparition”

  1. Sweet baby Sawyer. May God’s loving and healing hands lay over your eyes and all your afflictions and bring you complete healing. Precious child of God. Lord and blessed Mother may you sustain the family with peace and your merciful will.

    • Merciful Savior Jesus and Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary wrap your loving arms around precious baby Sawyer and restore him I pray. Amen. Thank You.🙏🙏🙏

  2. o’ JESUS through the most Blessed Mother Mary
    please cure this most precious child of yours
    I ask this in the Divine Will and multiply this prayer thousands of times
    GOD bless you Saywer.

  3. Sweet Jesus! Hear the prayers of Your children and Your Mother and let Your abundant mercy respond to this abundant faith! Thank You always, for hearing and cherishing our prayers. Holy Mother of God, pray for us.

  4. What a beautiful baby. We love you just as you are. You are the Father’s precious child. Know that our bodies are only temporary. In Heaven, all is healed and all tears are taken away. We love you and God is with us, always. Be happy, little one.

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