Video Update: Sawyer meets Mirjana

VIDEO: Sawyer Meets Mirjana in Medjugorje

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Over the years, Stella Mar Pilgrimages has given away a number of free pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

This tradition began Apparition Hill, a movie made by Stella Mar Films, the same team that organizes these pilgrimages. For that documentary, we held a video contest and gave away seven pilgrimage packages to the people who were chosen to be in the film.

Stella Mar also holds drawings for free pilgrimages from time to time. See our latest giveaway.

This story begins with one of those drawings. Several years ago, Stella Mar Pilgrimages gifted a free pilgrimage to Sawyer, a baby afflicted with blindness and other serious health issues. At that time, however, his parents and doctors felt he was too ill to make the journey.

Fast forward several yearsโ€ฆ Now that heโ€™s a toddler, Sawyer was finally healthy enough to visit Medjugorje! He and his family recently came to Medjugorje as part of a Stella Mar pilgrimage, during which Sawyer and his mother were invited to be near Mirjana during Our Lady’s October 2, 2019 apparition.

After winning a free trip to Medjugorje with Stella Mar Pilgrimages several years ago, Sawyer, who has been blind since birth, finally made it to Medjugorje with his mother and several family members.

The new video above gives more detail about Sawyer’s journey and shows his emotional meeting with Mirjana!

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