Message Video: Mirjana’s January 2, 2020 apparition

Here’s a video compilation of the January 2, 2020 apparition of Our Lady, experienced today by visionary Mirjana Soldo in Medjugorje. The video is meant to highlight Our Lady’s beautiful message and it includes drone footage and photos taken today.


See all the beautiful still photos, read the full text of the message, and see a gallery with images of Medjugorje at Christmastime in our post titled Our Lady’s January 2, 2020 Apparition

10 thoughts on “Message Video: Mirjana’s January 2, 2020 apparition”

  1. These beautiful messages from Our Heavenly Mother truly touch my heart. It makes me personally feel Her Caring Love and Concern for me and for all of Her children. It makes me feel so very close to our Blessed Mother. Thank you for sharing these messages from Heaven.

  2. Thank you to our Mother for being with us and letting us hear her messages. Praise Jesus for His goodness! Even though I can’t be there physically, I am grateful God has allowed me to hear your words!

  3. Oh beautiful, holy Mother Blessed Mother, please bless our home. My family and my son John Edward who is now with you in heaven. Please give me strength Blessed Virgin to go on and strengthen my faith and my love. In you name amen.

  4. Was there in 2,ooo with my Son, and now He is a Missionary Priest. Have also been to the Shrine in St Augustine, and have been following our Lady’s messages for Years now. Our Mother is always in the Areas of Most Need. This past Month She told us all to Pray for her intentions — that our intentions are included in Her intentions.To understand her Spiritual Maternity for each one of us, we need to understand a Mothers love for a child, and then to watch that Child suffer. Mary is counting o ur Prayers. It is comforting to realize that Her immaculate Heart will Triumph.

  5. I am preparing to renew my consecration to Jesus through Mary.
    I give everything to her to do as
    She pleases.
    Thank you, dear Mother for your love and leading me to Jesus everyday! Praise God!!!

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