Video: Our Lady’s Feb 2 message to Mirjana

Be transported to Medjugorje in this video by Stella Mar Films which features Our Lady’s message given on February 2, 2020 during Mirjana’s apparition.

The video also highlights a series of powerful pilgrim testimonies collected by the Stella Mar team for the website, many of which will soon be released in a new book.

5 thoughts on “Video: Our Lady’s Feb 2 message to Mirjana”

  1. Beautiful job once again of capturing the spirit of Medjugorje. Thank you for filming this for the world, for those of us who haven’t made it there, yet. (:

  2. Hello to all, would anyone know how to get a 26yrs old son to decide to go to Medjugorje ? He doesn’t do crowds so Youth Festival is out. He would not go with a bunch of oldies like myself. He is a good guy at heart but there is a personal war within him. I fast every Wednesday for Our Lady to stop this war. I know if I can get him there that Our Lady will do the rest.

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