Episode 1: Living the Message

Enjoy the premiere episode of Living the Message of Medjugorje, a new web series.

Episode 1 sets the stage for what is to come. There will be 10 episodes in all, giving practical tips for living out the spirituality and message of Medjugorje.

*The beautiful image of Our Lady of Tihaljina, featured in this video series, was painted by Richard George (www.rlgeorge.studio) and is used with permission of the artist.

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22 thoughts on “Episode 1: Living the Message”

  1. This caused me to weep with Joy when I saw the video footage of the “children” then. I have read Mariajna’s book which makes me feel like I know each of them intimately from her writing. I have not been able to make a pilgrimage but when I just see the video footage I can feel immense joy. thank You for this ❤️

  2. Inspiring film. I was due to go on pilgrimage (and to meet several friends from many places) on 12th May. Unfortunately, I have to stay at home, but Medjugorje is still very much part of my life.

  3. WOW! What an uplifting and inspirational video. Cannot wait for the rest of the series. Especially in these trying times, to find ways in which to grow my faith, thank you to all involved in this. God’s blessings as you continue.

  4. I had the opportunity to be in Medjugorie, last year for the last pilgrimage October /November, it was amazing I fell in love with the community, l was planning to go back hopefully at the end of this year if it’s allowed. every time I see emails on Medjugorie on my phone, tears come to my eyes as l remember being there for the November 2 message for Mirjana and also Marija blessed be Medjugorie.❤️

  5. I was blessed to meet with and talk to three of the “children” when I visited in 1984 on a pilgrimage. We met through an interpreter in Vicka’s house. It was all still very new and when we made the pilgrimage the town was still untouched by what we see now and we stayed in the local homes. Many of the things that Vicka spoke to us about that evening have come to pass. I was also very blessed to experience the miracle of the sun on our last day. Since then I have followed every message that our Mother has sent to us. I think that the timing that the Blessed Mother has chosen to stop her monthly messages is quite unique considering our current world health crisis. It has refocused the need for prayer, collective worldwide empathy, family, and certainly has instilled a deep sense of urgency to heed her commitment to help Her children through Her messages. Thank you for continuing to further the blessings of Medjugorie through this series! Blessings!

  6. Thank you for starting this series that is needed so badly during this worldwide pandemic. We need this time to focus on our families & know that Mary is telling us to always stay close to Jesus who will provide all things if we follow his plan daily. Thank you for doing “His” work!

  7. Medjugorje, no he podido ir, pero lo conozco desde el año 1987, por los Mensajes, libros, videos. Es muy emotivo, gracias Mamita María Reina de la Paz por tu presencia en mi vida. A pesar de lo que sucede, Ella sigue preocupada por nosotros, el mundo, nos quiere mucho, así lo siento. Sólo nos queda cumplir lo que nos pide. Así sea. Gracias por estos mensajes porque aumenta mi conocimiento del lugar. Dios los bendiga!!!

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