Video: 2nd of the month apparitions end with message of love

On March 18, 2020, during Mirjana’s annual apparitionwhich she will have for the rest of her lifeOur Lady informed her that She will no longer appear to her on the 2nd of each month. Read Our Lady’s March 18, 2020 message here.

Mirjana experienced the apparition privately in her home as requested by the local government due to restrictions on large gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Stella Mar Films/Queen of Peace Productions team was in Medjugorje during this historic day and we created this video to convey Our Lady’s message.

Watch the video here now and be sure to follow the Stella Mar Films Youtube channel for more Medjugorje videos.

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3 thoughts on “Video: 2nd of the month apparitions end with message of love”

  1. Mirjana receives the message at her residence because of restrictions yet the actual transcript of the words don’t express the declared end of the monthly Mirjana messages.It seems a particularly beautiful message yet doesn’t contain the actual end of the monthly apparitional rhetoric.I guess that was Mirjana’s decision not to jot that part down.Don’t forget following Marija’s messages.Mirjana and Medjugorje the world owes you and the Presumed Lord’s Mother beyond allegiances of spiritual thanks.You won’t be lost and wandering the 2nd’s of each month yet continued witnesses who discern God’s deepest definition of Love.If you do feel that way it’s because you’re innocent and accustomed yet you’ll surely yearn for God’s conversation which surely is manifestation itself.Thank you for the 40 years Mirjana and Marija and seers .Take care and God bless the blessed!Absolutely no twisted parallels!
    Absolutely straight forward!Gary V. Giardina!I love you!4:01 P.M. April 4th. 2020.

  2. One visit only was enough to convince me of the reality of God for all of mankind and the rest of the natural world. Praying the Rosary on the hill alone out of season I looked down and saw looking back at me a Mantis… He put his hands together in a prayer like manner and cocked his head to one side and stared into my eyes…. Man I wept tears of joy for it is true that our God is God of ALL

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